Many Little Links: April 23, 2011

Homemade Pea Trellises – Smockity Frocks
What a fabulous and frugal way to trellis peas in your garden.  Smart thinking, Connie!

Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board – Make and Takes
I think that I have put this in a Many Little Links before.  However, I came upon it again on Stumble Upon, and I again thought, “Hey – I wanted to make that!”

Frying Pan Art – All That Scrap
This is proof that this gal really will put Mod Podge on anything.  Check out this cute wall decoration!

How to Start a Blogging Network – Blogging…Your Way (written by Angela from Homegrown Mom)
If you have been looking for a way to get together with other bloggers, be sure to check out this post.  Also, if you want to, but just aren’t sure where to find people, check out this link about a new place to find bloggers to form a network with.

Recycled Color Wheels – Make and Takes
I think that I’ll have to work on this project with Molly, although it might be fun to try with the boys too.  I like how the finished project looks.

Baking Basics: How to Make Homemade Pudding – Bakers Royale
I have never tried to make pudding from scratch, but this definitely makes it seem doable.  I’ll have to try it sometime soon!

Parents, Don’t Dress Your Girls Like Tramps – CNN
Scroll down just a bit to read this amazing opinion piece on CNN.  I kept thinking as I read it, “Amen!”


  1. says

    Heheh… yep, love to Mod Podge just about anything! SimplySusan may even still be waiting for me to Mod Podge a toilet seat for her even!
    Thanks for sharing my art on your blog!