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Catholic Mothers Online blog roll is no longer accepting new requests to join.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Catholic Mothers Online Blog Roll!

Requirements for joining this blog roll (by submitting your information and clicking “I agree,” you are agreeing that you do meet the requirements for enrollment:

  • This blog roll is for mothers. However, this includes mothers with children of all ages, as well as those who haven’t been blessed with a child yet, but do pray for that to happen in the future. This is also for women who serve as mothers through being a godmother, as well as those women who are simply mothers at heart. As one wise blogger said, “Isn’t every woman a mother at heart?”
  • Membership is open to bloggers who are Roman Catholic or Orthodox, as well as those who are currently going through the RCIA process.
  • You must recognize and respect the Magesterium of the Church and be obedient to the Pope and authorities under him. We feel this isn’t asking too much, as that is at the very heart of being Catholic. We don’t want to police what you are writing in regards to the Church. If you feel called to write about something you don’t agree with, please do so in a respectful manner. (If you cannot abide by this and we are contacted about a posting of yours, we will contact you to discuss it prior to removing your blog from the roll.)
  • You must have at least three postings on your blog and also have had your blog for at least two weeks. If you fill out the form before that time, you will be asked to wait and resubmit the form at the appropriate time. 
  • Your blog must be set to public access, and must be almost entirely in the English language. (Because we check up on the blogs on the roll, the volunteers who help with this must be able to get to your blog, and they must be able to read the language, which is our reasoning for these rules.)
  • You will need to add the coding to your blog with the blogroll (you will have to add this prior to being added). This will include a small picture, as well as the alphabetical listing of links of all the blogs on the roll. (Don’t worry — there will be a scrolling button so that even as the list grows, it won’t take over the side bar of your blog!) This needs to be displayed on your blog somewhere that it can easily be found. Since I do check up on all the blogs on the blog roll periodically — I need to be able to find it. I will look around, but if I can’t find it, your blog will be removed from the blog roll. (I may or may not notify you of this after you have been removed.)
  • You will need to post to your blog at least once per calendar month.


  • We reserve the right to decline a blog based on its content, even if it meets other requirements. This does not happen often, so please do not feel that your blog is going to be “judged.” But, it does happen from time to time, so we felt it best to mention it on here as well.


  • Anyone whose sign up has been in the queue list for joining for over a month and hasn’t installed the code by that time will have their sign up deleted from the queue. If your sign up email has been deleted and you contact me about joining again, you will be asked to fill out the sign up (below) again.




Angie Kauffman
Angie, a domestically challenged nerd and mom of three very fun kids, is the founder of Real Life at Home.  Angie also listens to music every chance she gets, writes eBookspodcastsloves Pinterestdocuments the little moments in life on Instagram, and occasionally sleeps.


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    Marie — I just sent you an email — I think the first email I sent you must have been lost in cyberspace. Thanks for checking in!

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    Hello, I just resubmitted my info for my new blog address via my form. But I couldn’t find a place to tell you that it’s just a change to an existing blog on your list, not a new blog altogether.Sorry to be a royal pain, but I’m just wondering if you can change the address of Munchkins on the Pat to . Thanks a milllion, and sorry for the trouble!

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    My code got deleted inadvertently, could I get it again? I filled out the sign up form, but I am already on the list. Thanks and God bless,Katherine

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    I’m sorry — but I have tried to visit both blogs, and each time Blogger says there is no blog there. I will try again later.

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    Andrea — I just looked up your sign up. Looks like it arrived mid-day on November 1st. I was actually out of the state from the 1st through the 4th, and have been playing catch up around my house since arriving home (very late on the 4th). I will be reviewing all of the requests for joining since November 1st probably by late tonight/early tomorrow.Thanks for your inquiry!

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    I have just completed the form to join the blogroll, but wanted to let you know that I already am joined on my other blog so I had the HTML codes…this new blog is not my homeschooling one but my Catholic mothering blog, something close to my heart. I have only one entry because I just began it, so I hope that you’ll still add me to the roll. I shall be blogging on it regularly.Blessings,

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    purpleflowerpatch — I’ll email you as well, but I thought I would post here too. I can go ahead and add your new blog after it has been up for two weeks and has three postings to it. Because many other people have had to wait for blog additions for those reasons, it is only fair to do it for everyone. (I have also done it in other situations exactly like this — where somebody already has one blog on the roll, and then starts a new blog.)Thanks for adding the coding already though, and when it is time to add your blog to the roll, I will do so. :)Thanks!

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    Hi Angie, I need the updated coding for my blog (Silva Rerum). I emailed you about a month ago for it but never received anything. Thanks and God Bless! Kim

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    Kim –I never received an email from you — sorry! Would it please be possible for you to email me with your request — catholicmothers {at} ? I don’t have email addresses organized (although I should), so I don’t know what your email address and you don’t have it linked to the account that you sent this on, so I don’t know the best way to reach you without taking a lot of time digging through old emails. (It is a goal of mine to get email addresses for the blog roll organized sometime.)

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    Hi, I think I just submitted three times…(I give in!) No seriously nothing seemed to happen when I clicked the button. Perhaps I’ll just have to wait and see what happens?In the meantime, Awaiting an email form you sometime soon…

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    I did not receive your sign up. Perhaps try opening it in another type of web browser. I have received other sign ups, since you posted your comment, so I don’t think it’s the sign up form. If you need, you can email me with all of the information that is on the form.Thanks!

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    Hi,Make sure you check your BULK MAIL folders. The email I got from her with the udpated code ended up in my bulk mail….

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    Please consider moving your Catholic Mothers Online group and blogroll to the friendly Catholic confines of They are offering free, totally customizable blog space in their Catholic Blog Community. It’s free to sign up and you can easily import all your Blogger stuff. McNutt, wife of Andy McNutt “Musings of a Catholic Convert”

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    Thank you for the suggestion, Kimberly. At this time, I don’t have any plans to move my blogs, but I do appreciate the heads up.

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    I have put your blogroll on my blog. The e-mail I sent was returned, so I’m letting you know here.Thanks, Loretta

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    Hi…I want to join the blogroll and just recently applied through the form. I do hope that I get to join this blogroll, I really want to feel God’s presence in my blog through this blogroll. :) I know that I don’t really need this blogroll to be able to feel God’s presence, but with this idea of blogroll for Catholic Moms, it unites us all moms to be one with the Man Above…

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    I just signed up, but where do I get the html code to add the blogroll and pic to my site?Random ThoughtsMira’s Web JournalA Moment to ExhaleTime of RespiteMy Kitchen Table

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    I just submitted my info to sign up and will add the blogroll to my sidebar once I receive the coding. Your post says that we should add it before signing up, but I don’t see the coding listed in your post. ~ Sarah

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    Hi Angie,I recently purchased my domain. When you get a chance will you change my URL towww.mydomesticchurch.comBasically just take out the blogspot part. Thanks a bunch!Elena

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    Amy — I don’t see that I have received an email from you to let me know that the coding is installed. I don’t check on people’s blogs to see if they installed it, as per the directions in the email with the coding, I wait to hear back from people.If you sent that email, then I apologize, but it doesn’t appear to have made it to my inbox. If you didn’t send that email though, then that would be why your blog hasn’t been added to the roll yet.Since you left this comment, I was able to go see that it was on your blog, and I’ll add you blog in during the next update, which should be by tomorrow, I hope.Hope that helps!

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    Hi!I think I just joined, and I was trying to add the picture and link as stated in “da rules” but I don’t understand about the scrolling blog roll that goes with it. The picture I used, just has the picture… where do you get the “code” to enter it the way you want it added, with the blog roll? Or is that info to come when I hear from you?… Thanks!

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    Lee –This has actually come up a few times right in the comments of this post. 😉 But, that’s okay, I’ll answer it again. :) I mail out coding directly to people within about 7 days of receiving their sign ups, after I visit their blog. So, you can expect something within the next week.

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    Hi Angie, I sent in my request to join approx 2 weeks ago. I’ve been checking the spam folder just in case but all clear. Just checking to see if you received my sign-up form. Many thanks.God Bless,Elena

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    Elena,I sent you an email on 9/21/08 with the information about joining and the coding. I will resend it shortly, and hopefully you’ll be able to receive it this time.

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    Hi Angie,Yes, I received your latest email. I don’t know what happened to your email of the 21st – I kept checking the spam folder like you mention in your blog in case it got caught there. Thank you for re-sending the email. I have now added the code to my blog Precious Treasures. Many Thanks again. :) God BlessElena

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    Hello Angie, Can a grandmother join? I have two blogs… I’d like to put them both on. I’ll be back the first of the year.Blessings,Elizabethhttp://prayercandles.blogspot.com

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    I’ve been thinking about joining. Although if I do it most likely will happen after Easter..seeing I’m not posting right now (taking a break for lent). I was wondering what the cross scene looks like. I’ve clicked through several blogs right now and I can’t find one that is using it.

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    @ SAHMinIL — Sorry for the delay, but I finally got up an official posting of all of the images. :)Thanks for asking!

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    Hi Angie,I have received a email from you but it seems my blog name had one letter to many for some reason, I clicked on the link and it said my blog didn't exsist??? should I fill out the form again?My blog name is St Gerard's Garden,could you help me?Zeliemum

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    I actually received two different sign ups from you (probably a few days apart). One with the correct address and one with the misspelled one. So, I'll just delete the misspelled one, and hold on to the correct form. No need to fill out another one.

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    I found this Wonderful Blog from CarmeliteMom, thanks so much! I look forward to adding your link to my OCDS-Carmelite Blog… It's been slowly growing… God Bless!

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    Hello,I received an email with my preferences but no html code for the button. Did I do something wrong?