In Defense of Taking Snow Days

Three of my favorite words when I was a preteen up through my high school years were “blowing and drifting.” My husband and I still joke that those are magical words.

What would be so special about these words? It’s not so much these words by themselves as what those words mean together with words like “Four to six inches of snow.”  Since the school district that both my husband and I attended has many areas that are into very rural areas, blowing and drifting of snow would often make roads in the country difficult to pass and would cause a snow day for all of us. 

(You can read the rest of my post about why we still take snow days, even as homeschoolers, at The Homeschool Classroom)


  1. restrainedchaos says

    Isn't it funny that we can't allow ourselves to do something unless we somehow get permission from someone else? We shouldn't need that independent affirmation, but I feel like your post has given me permission to have snow days even if we're homeschooling. Silly, huh?