Our Christmas Goodie Platter Contents and a Picture

I mentioned last night that I was busy working on my holiday platters and some baskets. Well, at 3:45 am this morning, I finished this round of holiday baking. Of course, by then, my head was pounding and I was exhausted, but I was glad to be done.

In the pictures, the platters don’t look quite as full as they looked in person. Oh, and of course when I finished, I wrapped them with plastic wrap.

In all, last night I put together 14 round tin platters, 2 baskets (these had more in them than the platters), and one priority mail box with a basket’s worth of stuff (for Eric’s Grandma, since we weren’t sure if we’d see her before Christmas).

Today, we were busy delivering. We now only have four platters (and no baskets) left.

I enjoy our platters (and baskets) to include small amounts of many different items, rather than larger amounts of just a few things. I think it makes for a nice goodie medley.

Our platter contents included:

– 1 measuring cup worth of holiday snack mix (I had to put that in a baggie in the center of the platter)

– 2 pieces of pine bark

– 1 chocolate chocolate chip cookie with Hershey’s kiss on the top

– 2 cherry ice box cookies

– 4 cherry chip cake balls

– 1 peanut butter surprise cookie

– 1 snickerdoodle sandwich cookie (with a honey/cinnamon/cream cheese filling)

– 1 chocolate chip cookie with walnuts

– 2 chocolate sandwich cookies (with a cream cheese/powdered sugar filling that I put food coloring in to make it green)

– 2 – 3 pieces of peppermint bark

Needless to say, we had a lot of happy people today on the receiving end of our goodies. And, we were very happy to be on the giving end!

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Angie Kauffman
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