I Finally Tackled My Homeschool Closet Mess

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Last week, I decided to make another one of my crazy long “to do” lists.  When I do this, I usually write out a whole spiral notebook page of things and then work my way through them over the course of anywhere from a few days to a week.  Except, this time, I filled it with some pretty large tasks to tackle.

Do you know how you know they are big tasks?  When you have a long list and just one tiny item on the list is to get a book formatted for the Kindle.  (Marked that off, as you know.)  After that was completed, I danced around and took the kids out for lunch.  Victory #1 of the week!

One of my favorite small victories of the week, however, was that I finally tackled our homeschool books and resources. (This was especially a victory because it was my first day without a lifting restriction after my gallbladder removal.)

Before I worked through it, we had one under bed storage container full of homeschool books, a bookcase full, and a closet (designated for homeschool materials) that was so out of control that I just never opened it other than to toss something in.  What a waste of space!

How I Worked My Way from Homeschool Material Overload to Organized Materials that We’ll Actually Use

homeschool closet storageFirst, I worked through the smallest area, pulling books off the bookshelf that we didn’t need to have on that bookshelf anymore.  Some books were keepers, but just moved over to one of the bookshelves we use for “regular” books.  Some were set aside to donate.  Most of the ones that I pulled off the bookshelf were set aside to sell.

Next, I tackled that closet.  Oh my.  That closet was something else.  Tackling that closet was a victory in and of itself!  I pulled everything out, a bit at a time, and decided whether it was something that we would actually use.  It can be easy to think, “Yeah, we’ll use this,” and then never do it.  I decided it was time to give those things a chance to actually be used.  So, I added things we didn’t want to the pile of items to sell.

Of course, I also found things that were only fit for heading to the trash.  In fact, I ended up filling a whole trash bag while cleaning.

After working my way through the whole closet, I reorganized where many items were, as well as using my handy dandy label maker to label a few things that were in baskets really high up in the closet.  That way, I don’t have to keep pulling them down to remember what in the world I put in there.

I also managed to completely empty out the under bed storage container!

I finished my big project (which was only one line of my giant to do list, by the way) by writing up a list of all the things I had to sell, pricing them, and sending it out to the two homeschool groups I belong to.  I was thrilled to have people emailing me right away wanting to buy items.  Score!

Not only did this victory mean more room in our homeschool closet, but it meant some extra money for us and it made me excited for next school year.

What was your favorite victory from this past week?  (Could be something large or sometimes very small, just your own personal everyday victory.)


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  1. says

    Looks great, Ang!
    My “to-do” victory this week was to get some speakers that I’m totally excited about scheduled for Rowan. I contacted them to come, not thinking that they would. It took about a month to get down to a plan, but now we have one.

  2. says

    The closet looks great! I need to do the one in our study/office so badly. Johnny goes to public school, but I decided to homeschool part time to fill in the gaps for music and accelerated math and reading. Our school decided to pull music and add dance. : (
    Have a super day, I am heading over to the post How to Teach Home Ec. skills. I thought it might be fun to do something like this as a little camp this summer.