I Did a Scary Thing with My Breakfast Dishes

Finish Quantum

This week, I did something that made me shiver as I anticipated the horror that would await me as a result of my actions.  I’m the kind of gal that completely rinses off all of my dishes before putting them into the dishwasher.  It was how I learned to use the dishwasher, and that’s just what I always do.  But, not one day this week, my friends.

You see, I was contacted by Finish to take the Finish Rise and Shine challenge.  They offered to send me a couple of promotional items, a 10 pack of the Finish Quantum with Power Gel dishwashing capsule, and then a monetary compensation for my time and to buy food for a breakfast that would be our basis for taking their challenge.  This may all sound lovely, except I literally cringed when I read what the challenge included and I told them that.

For the challenge, Finish asked me to serve my family a messy, sticky breakfast.  Then, I needed to not rinse my dishes at all and just stick them in the dishwasher.  Big deal, you may think.  But wait — there’s more.  They then asked that we leave those in the dishwasher all day long and not run the dishwasher until bedtime.  That’s how much they trust their product.

Know what?  I did not trust their product that much.  In fact, I agreed to take the challenge because I thought it sounded like an insane idea, and I figured I would get to write about all the gunk left on my plates.

Introducing our messy, sticky breakfast, complete with letting the kids use as much syrup as they wanted and even throwing cheese into scrambled eggs…


This is a much more elaborate breakfast than we would normally have.  But, I figured, “Hey – why not.  I really want to challenge this Finish Quantum capsule.”

Yes, there were even chocolate covered strawberries, since Molly had been begging for some.  I gave in because I knew that meant that one of the dishes in the dishwasher would look like this:


That’s not even just regular chocolate.  That’s the melting chocolate that hardens when it cools.  Yikes!

Other fun additions to the dishwasher included these numbers:




I couldn’t believe how fast I cleared away the breakfast dishes when I just threw them straight into the dishwasher!  Score!  (Of course, I figured that I would have some real scrubbing to make up for it the next morning.)

As long as we had all those horrible dishes in the dishwasher, then when we had a messy dinner of BBQ wings, we figured we would just not rinse those ones off either.  You know, after we got bowled over by a syrup and bacon smell when we opened the dishwasher to add them.

Before bed (once the breakfast dishes had been in the dishwasher for about 13 hours), I popped in a Finish Quantum pack and headed to bed.

The next morning…

Believe me, I thought I was going to dish all about the food left over on plates.  But, instead, here is what I found:




Yep, everything was clean.  The chocolatey bowl, the syrupy plates, the dishes covered with BBQ wing sauce.  Everything!  And I didn’t rinse off one single item at all.

I am officially in love with the Finish Quantum packets. 

Trust me, I am not saying that because I got them free or was compensated for my time.  That was great, but I am in love because I saved so much time and everything was just so clean.  In fact, I did the same thing after having more family over for a dinner of ribs and sides.  I almost started rinsing dishes and my Mom said, “Don’t you have some more of those packets left?  Just use one of those.”  Score!

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to take my word on this.  You can go take advantage of the special offer from Finish and take the Finish Shine Challenge too! (Limit one per household) Once you do, make sure to let me know what you think.

Thanks so much to Finish for including me in this challenge.  I may never rinse the dishes again!


Disclosure: I was compensated for participating in the Finish Rise & Shine Challenge.  (Please see the beginning of the post for all the details.)  I was encouraged by Finish to give a completely honest review of their product, which I did.  All opinions are my own.  (Disclosure Policy)


  1. Elle says

    When I first read this, *I* was cringing since we DON’T rinse everything! We to use finish products and LOVE them. We use the finish All in One Tabs, since they come in little packages you have to unwrap (I have 3 under 4, someone eating these things is a possiblity, HA!).