How to Add a Child-Led Approach to Traditional Homeschooling

Before I began homeschooling, I had these wild visions of what our homeschooling would look like.  It involved art and poetry and beautiful things.  It included my kids richly taking in life and leading their education based on their interests.  I wouldn’t have to lead them because they would take the reins based on their interests.  It would be lovely.

If you’re laughing right now, it probably means that you thought the exact same kinds of things.  And, your laughter probably means that you were also met with wide eyes and responses like, “What are we going to do today, Mom?”

“What do YOU want to do?” you may have asked, with high hopes for an answer filled with inspiration.

Instead, you may have been met by sets of eyes that looked like deer in headlights.  “But…Mom…you’re the one who’s supposed to make the plans, not me.”

If this sounds familiar or you just want to find ways to add some child-led opportunities into a more traditional approach, then you should definitely check out my post Infusing Child-Led Opportunities into a Traditional Approach over at Simple Homeschool.  You’ll get to find out more about what we do at our house, as well as other ways to mix these two approaches together to find a happy medium.

infusing child-led opportunities

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