How Do You Find the Time? And Other Questions I Am Asked.

I’m excited about the list this week, but it was a hard one to come up with.  I even needed to send out text messages to family (and post on Facebook) for ideas.  Sometimes, it’s just hard to remember what people ask me.

So, now that I have ten questions compiled, I’m sharing ten questions that I get asked, as well as the answers to those questions.

Ten Things I am Frequently Asked About

1. How do you find the time to do it all?

I think this is the question that I most frequently hear.  My pat answer is, “I don’t sleep.”

That’s not true, of course.  I do sleep.  It would not be a lie, however, to say that my sleeping time does take a hard hit to help me accomplish all of the projects that I work on.  I would love it if I could afford to just hire some of it out, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

I wish I could give you all some amazing time management advice.  However, I do everything I do despite my time management skills, not because of them.

2. Do you feel more qualified to homeschool because you have teaching degrees?

Okay, this isn’t entirely true.  It’s usually not asked as a question, but as a statement.  (For example, “You are obviously qualified to homeschool since you have teaching degrees.”)  Since it’s not true, I always have to respond like it was a question though.

No, I don’t feel more qualified, even though I have both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree both in the field of education.  Sometimes, I think it puts me in too much of a “school at home” mindset, unfortunately.

3. Did you convert from being Episcopalian to being Catholic because your husband was Catholic?

Eric actually grew up without any religious affiliation.  As a matter of fact, he didn’t really know much about God or Jesus until we started dating as teenagers.  And, in what makes me the most sad, when he was young, he honestly thought that churches were just places people went for weddings and funerals.  He didn’t realize some people went every week to worship.

prayerSo, Eric was also an Episcopalian, having been baptized and confirmed in the same year, just a month apart, when he was 19 years old.

We converted to Catholicism after we both grew unsatisfied by the Episcopal Church.  I had long been drawn to Catholicism.  Although I investigated leaving the Episcopal Church to become Methodist or Lutheran, I couldn’t deny that I really wanted to be Catholic.  So, I prayed a lot, felt some very specific calls from God, and also read the book Catholicism for Dummies.  I was hooked.

Eric told a church group (when we spoke to them about our conversion) that I had “never steered him wrong before,” so he also read Catholicism for Dummies and decided he also wanted to convert.  (He may have also been swayed by the fact that I told him that he didn’t have to convert, but that I felt it was important for the kids to convert with me.)

He admits now that he was unsure about it all at the time, but he is so thankful that he went along with it.

4. Do you plan to homeschool through high school?

While I don’t want to commit to anything, I would say that I imagine that is the plan.  However, I also envision that by the time our boys are done with school (they are one grade apart), Molly may want to attend high school, being the only child left.  She will just be finishing 8th grade when Jack is graduating.  If she wants to still be homeschooled, however, I’m okay with that.

We have looked into online options for part of high school, such as Indiana University High School (especially since they don’t make you do all of your high school courses through them to get a diploma from them).

5. Did you like growing up in a large family?

Questions often abound when people find out that I’m the youngest of six kids.  (They also use this as a clue that makes them think I was a cradle Catholic.)

Yes, I do like being part of a large family.  It’s one of the reasons I always kind of wanted a larger family than what we ended up with, though we decided finally that three was perfect for us.

Here’s the thing that throws me off when answering this question though, and then always involves a longer answer than people were probably seeking — our family is a blended family.

So, because of people’s ages (and one sibling who lived with his mother), we never had more than four siblings living in the house at the same time.  For a greater period of time, just two of us siblings lived in the house.  But, because I’m the youngest (by far), for the longest stretch of time (of our time as a blended family), it was just my parents and I at home.  So, it’s a weird question to try to answer.

Yes, I did say my parents.  While I would feel that way anyway (they’ve been married since I was eight, and celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary this year), when my Mom got remarried, her husband adopted me.  It wasn’t long before I started calling him Dad, and truly considering in my heart that he was my one and only Dad.  (He’s a great man, and I’m so lucky to have him as part of my life.)

6. Do you like working from home?

Just one of my two work spaces in our home. Both get messy often. (This area is actually clean at the moment though. This is an old picture.)

It can be challenging, because my work (blogging, freelance writing, design work, and art) is always here.  I have yet to master the idea of having work hours.  (I kind of buck schedules, as much as I want to like them.)

However, I far prefer working from home versus when I worked outside the home.  I know some women long for the day they can return to the workforce outside the home.  That is not me.  It just doesn’t appeal to me like it appeals to some people.  (I know, some people have to and don’t want to.  I’m not talking about them.)

7. How did you learn to do design work?

I’m self taught.  I started learning how to use Adobe Photoshop when I had a photography business.  As I began to blog, I eventually decided that I wanted to save money and do the designs myself.  Eventually, others asked me to do work for them as well.

It’s all been learned through Google, looking at how other designers work, and trial and error.

8. Why did you get married so young?

Eric and I got married when I was 19 and he was 20.  We actually were engaged approximately a month before I graduated from high school.

So, why did we get married so young?  We were in love.  We had already dated off and on (almost all “on” though) since I was 15.  We wanted to be able to live together, but decided we wanted to be married first.  Who knows.  It just seemed right and we were ready.  We just celebrated our 16th anniversary.  So far, so good.

9. Can you actually make money blogging?

Yes, you can.  I still don’t make as much as when I was teaching half-time or when I was doing in-home therapy for 10 hours per week.  But, it’s definitely extra money that we enjoy having.

However, blogging is not generally something to go into because you want to make money.  It’s something to do because you enjoy it.  Because, here’s the thing – it (usually) takes time to make money blogging.  Also, if I were to figure out how many hours I work on online ventures and divide it out over the money, it would not be worth it if making money were my only goal.

Since I write to keep sane, however, the money is just a fun bonus.  If I were doing it for money only, I would walk away from the blogs today.

10. Is it hard to have a child with Autism?

Noah is our oldest, so all I know of parenting involves having a child with Autism.  So, I don’t really know a different way of parenting.

However, that being said, I wouldn’t wish him to be different than he is now.  Sure, I would wish that certain challenges would go away, but that’s not because I want him to be different for us, but rather I wish I could take away some of the things that are going to make his life harder than it is for some other people.

We are blessed that he is very high functioning.  We are also blessed to have a child like Noah.  He is funny, unique, and has such a genuine heart.  His very core nature is to be kind and he doesn’t understand why other people sometimes choose to be mean or rude.  Who wouldn’t be crazy about a kid like that?

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  1. says

    I feel like I just learned a lot more about you. I am really surprised that your design skills are self-taught as I can attest personally to your professionalism and knowledge in that area (for anyone reading and considering using Tiny Owl for your design work, Angie designed one of my websites and I highly recommend her!).

    All the rest was interesting as well. Your #10 struck home for me especially as I feel the same way about our special needs kids…wouldn’t want them to be any other way (other than for their lives to be easier for them).

  2. says

    Congratulations on marrying young and having a large family! I have a friend who has a child with cp and several with children who have autism…I have never asked that question,I watch them and do what I can to help, but…I have noticed a sweetness in spirit with all of those children…they are true blessings!

  3. Shelly @homeschooling Without Labels says

    I love your list today! We have much in common as former school teachers and having a high functioning kiddo on the autism spectrum. I am often told that i have an edge over the other moms because of my degree and background, but like you, I often feel the need to shed some of the rigidity that I was trained to have in education. I’m getting better at not reminding my kids when their work “is not at grade level.” I enjoy your blog!

      • says

        It’s not a problem at all. I actually try (when I can remember) to go through the list a time or two each Tuesday and get rid of links that aren’t linked correctly or aren’t lists of ten. You know you are always welcome to join with a ten list though. :)

  4. says

    Oh, if only we really could not sleep and get all of our stuff done. =p
    I once joked that if I could pick any super power, I would choose the ability to not NEED sleep, to be able to sleep if I wanted to, or not if I had stuff to get done and still be able to start a new day in the morning. Now THAT would be a REAL super power!! =)

  5. says

    I linked up with you. I enjoy reading your blog. I have been doing top ten lists on my blog and found this blog hop and it was a perfect fit!