How a Household Notebook Helps Our School

The following is a guest post from Jessica Fisher of LifeasMOM:


As a busy mom of six kids, all homeschooled, I have to hit the ground running each morning. If I don’t have a plan charted before the ship leaves the dock, I’m going to be stranded at sea — or worse, I will sink.

My household notebook is my ticket to smooth sailing in our homeschool. It helps me keep track of all that information that would otherwise be floating around in my head. Jotting those thoughts in my planner help me keep them from drifting away.

Goals – I set personal goals at the beginning of the year in January as well as education goals for our homeschool in August. I keep track of these in a goal setting section of my notebook. Not only that, but I keep monthly goal charts that help me steer a course for the month ahead.

Calendar – Currently, we have piano lessons, hockey practice, swimming lessons, Science labs, art co-op, park day, and Latin class in our school daze, not to mention the flurry of orthodontist, doctor, and dentist appointments that crop up throughout the year. If I didn’t have a master calendar, I would never be able to keep appointments. Mine is a 2-page monthly calendar that provides lots of space to write in all the various commitments we might need to keep throughout the week.


Meal Planning – Our family loves to eat! Enjoying good food is a big part of our family’s culture. So, meal planning is essential. I can’t spend hours on meal prep, so I have to have a plan for groceries as well as meal prep. I keep this info in my notebook. Timely meals make our school day run so much more smoothly.

Contacts – Since the advent of smart phones and email, I don’t keep the master contacts list that I once did. However, I still like to record a few addresses in my notebook so that I can send my sister or mom a card without having to dig up her address. In fact, this year, I added a pocket to my notebook to hold stamps and greeting cards so that I really do have everything at my fingertips. This is also helpful when one of my kids is practicing letter writing. He can go to my notebook and easily retrieve what he needs.

These four yet simple sections in my household notebook do wonders to help me manage our homeschool and organize my life.

All the pages that I use — as well as some extras — are available in my ebook, Organizing Life as MOM. The main book is a recipe for home and time organization as well as goal setting for moms and other home managers. The homeschool add-on provides pages specifically designed for homeschool parents and children. You can read a recent review of the book here at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Do you have a preferred personal organizer?

Mother of six, Jessica Fisher writes about parenting hacks at LifeasMOM and posts delicious ways to act your wage at Good Cheap Eats. She is also the author of Organizing Life as MOM – a 170+ page e-guide complete with customizable planning pages and inspiration for home management. A homeschooling add-on is also available.

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    Hi “FishMama”, Your book has been a great help in my planning this year, along with your blog and some worksheets from Tsh, and Mandi. I feel so much better and “with it” this year. I don’t have all that stuff swimming around in my head anymore. I have a plan and the whole family knows where we are going. I actually have a binder for our household and a school binder. It’s just easier to keep it separate.