Great Homeschooling Links: September 1, 2012

The following is a post from contributing writer:  Jenny.

Build Skills With Puzzles & Word Games- In Our Write Minds
Scrabble is one of my favorite games.  Kim shares links to Scrabble and other word games that will make learning to spell fun.

3 Things that Will Sink Your Homeschool- Hip Homeschool Moms
Heather shares three main issues that cause homeschools to fail.

What Every Homeschooler Should Know- The Homeschool Village
Beth tells of the five most important discoveries she has made in her homeschool journey.

Where to Find ‘Em, Part 2 of 5 in Homeschool Share’s Lapbook SeriesHomeschool Share
Lapbooking has always intrigued me.  Wende lists several resources for finding lapbooks.

10 Ways to Adjust Your Attitude When Homeschooling for the Long Haul- Simple Homeschool
From the post:  “When you reach year four or five, you might have one of those years when you just aren’t thrilled about teaching. I am here to tell you that lots of us—probably most of us— understand, and also to suggest a few ways to get a little excited.”

No Need to Worry- The Homeschool Post
A great reminder from Gidget.


Jenny is a homeschooling Mom of an 8 year old.  You can find her at Our Nifty Notebook, where she blogs about their homeschool and family adventures.



  1. Pam says

    Thanks for these great links! I had read a couple already, but was ready to think about all these issues again. Starting our new year after Tuesdays’ root canal. ;>)