Great Homeschooling Links: Rainy Day Activities

Written by contributor Lauren of Mama’s Learning Corner

During those rainy days when it’s too wet to go outside, I’ll inevitably hear, “Mom! I am bored!”  Everyone needs something fun and out-of-the ordinary to do on days like this – mom included.

Here are some boredom busters for those days when it’s too wet or snowy to leave the house.  But be forewarned: several of these take advanced planning.  So it’s best to find 3-4 ideas, prepare them completely and have them ready to go when the cloudy weather strikes!


Drawing Dough – Family Fun
By mixing flour, salt, water and tempera paint you can provide hours (or at least 30 minutes) of artistic fun at the kitchen table with Drawing Dough.


Tinfoil Wrapping Game – ToddlerToddler
This game is sure to keep curious little hands occupied.  To include older siblings, Mom and Toddlers could wrap items in tinfoil and have older siblings guess what’s inside.


Painting with Condensed Milk – ECE Made Easy
Using condensed milk to paint – what an idea!  This set-up looks easy and the end product has a beautiful glossy finish. 


Rainy Day Rainbow – No Time for Flash Cards
This never ending rainbow using scrap colored paper is the perfect indoor project.  It’s a great activity to use those small bits of leftover construction paper.


Printable Paper City – Made by Joel
A whole little city is just waiting to be colored, cut out and arranged by your little ones. 


Muffin Tin Crayons – Life as MOM
Gather up all of those old crayon pieces and turn them into something fun and new. 


Raining Rainbows – A Bit of This and a Bit of That
Use shaving cream and food coloring to make a multitude of different rainbows.  This fun rainy day activity could easily be a science lesson too!


Rainy Day Cupcakes – Bake It in a Cake! On a rainy day, you can stay inside and make Rainy Day Cupcakes!  These are quite possibly the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever seen. 


Lauren Hill is the homeschooling mama of 4 little ones, ages 6 to 13 months.  In  her free time (haha!) she blogs about all things laundry and creates printable worksheets for the pre-K to 2nd grade crowd.  For more Rainy Day Activities,  follow Lauren on Pinterest.

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    I especially love the giant rainbow ….. this is big enough that all three of my small children could work on this at the same time!