Great Homeschooling Links: May 6, 2011


Beware of Being Behind- Math-U-See Newsletter
This is a great reminder (whether you use Math-U-See or not) that your child will learn on their own time.  Don’t let grade levels drag you down.

Lessons From a Life Skills Day- Simple Homeschool
Kris shares how taking a day to learn life skills has many valuable lessons.

Homeschooling Under Stress- The Happy Housewife
Stef gives tips to get you through the tough days when homeschooling.

The One Where She Rambles On About Homeschooling- Gypsy Meadows
Stacey shares her homeschooling philosophy and detailed reasons for homeschooling.

How Do I Know What to Teach and When to Teach It?- Heart of the Matter
A great read for new homeschoolers.  Peggy gives many resources to help you find what topics are typically studied and when.

Three Areas of Mental Clutter that Sabotage Homeschooling- Jimme’s Collage
Jimmie shares how to clear your mind of mental clutter to be more successful in homeschooling.

Homeschool Mom’s Dirty Little Secret #3:  Anger- Successful  Homeschooling
Third in the series, Carletta explains the causes of anger and how to address it and  not be a bully to your child.

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Jenny is a homeschooling Mom of a 6 year old.  You can find her at Our Nifty Notebook, where she blogs about their homeschool and family adventures.