Great Homeschooling Links: Apple Unit Study


The following is a post from contributing writer Lauren from Mama’s Learning Corner.

My children and I study apples each year.  We have taste tests, read tons of apple-themed books and (of course!) make several apple crafts.

If you’d like to study apples with your little ones this fall, here are a few links to get you started.

Comprehensive Guide to Apple VarietiesOrange Pippin
Can’t determine the variety of your apple?  This is a go-to guide.

Apple FactsUniversity of Illinois
An excellent list of intriguing apple facts!

Nutrition Data for an AppleUniversity of Illinois
Nutrition data for raw apples

Apple Games & Fun Facts for Kids Washington Apples
Several fun apple games and activities for kids

Apple & Lemon Juice ExperimentNational Geographic Kids
Which apple slices turn brown the fastest?

Apple Weight ExperimentBramley Kids
This experiment looks at how much of an apple’s weight is water.

This is a really neat look at an apple puzzle via You Tube (if you’re reading this post in an email or RSS Feed, you’ll have to click through to watch the video)

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons DeusXFlorida


Lauren Hill is the homeschooling mama of 4 little ones, ages 7 to 21 months.  In  her free time (haha!) she creates free printable worksheets  for the pre-K to 2nd grade crowd at Mama’s Learning Corner.  For more crafty, creative ideas for studying apples, make sure you follow Mama’s Apples Unit Study Board on Pinterest.  Also find Lauren on Twitter @MamaLearning.

Lauren Hill