Great Homeschooling Links: 7 Healthy Topics to Teach Your Children

The following is a post by contributing writer, Sheri, of Learning Pavilion.

Spring is in the air and is a great time for new beginnings. So get refreshed and if you haven’t begun already, teach your children the importance of nutrition, fitness, drinking water, spending time outside, breathing fresh air, getting plenty of sleep, and trusting in God!

The ABC’S of Teaching Nutrition to Your Kids – Ask Dr Sears

Dr. James Sears of the talk show The Doctors, shares many useful (and creative) Nutrition Tips (NUTRITIPs) from A to Z that will help you and your child have a more healthful lifestyle.

Fitness for Kids-Warm Up – YouTube

In this video you will learn fun warm up moves before exercise.  There are more exercise videos along the right side as well, but warm ups decrease the chance of injury, so a great place to begin!

How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water – The Moffatt Girls

Of course you can find many resources online that tell about the importance of water and the water cycle, but this one is just a simple way one mom got her girls to drink more water you might want to try as well.

Favourite Play Spaces – Be a Fun Mum

Get your children outdoors!  Playgrounds are great, but this mom thinks outside the box and offers her kids many other options for exploration.

Parents: 10 Reasons Kids Need Fresh Air – National Wildlife Federation

From strengthening bones to having a longer lifespan, the National Wildlife Federation presents several important reasons we all, especially children, need fresh air.

Teaching Kids the Importance of Sleep – Sleep for Kids

If you struggle to get your child to go to bed, maybe it is time to begin teaching them about sleep and why we need it.  The National Sleep foundation utilizes a character, P.J. Bear, to help you with simple explanations, tips, and games that may make it easier for them to understand.

“Hannah’s Bike Ride” Children’s Story about Trusting God –

This a cute and relatable story to help your sons and daughters learn more about trust in God–the foundation of the healthiest lifestyles!


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