Great Homeschool Links: Avocados


Avocado FactsKids Cooking Activities
Information about avocados such as when they are in season, how they grow, and a video about making guacamole.

Moms and KidsCalifornia Avocado Commission
Nutrition for moms and kids as well as information about using avocado as baby food.

Stuffed AvocadosHealthy kiddo snacks
A yummy way to introduce or coax your children to eat avocado by stuffing it with things they may like.

Try saying “avocado” in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.  In fact, if you click on the Home link, you will find many categories of words you and your children can learn in other languages.

ABCs of Healthy ChildrenKinderwebgames
It’s okay to play with your food!  The author of this article suggests some great ways to play with your food–before ever eating it.  Make Gator skin Guacamole and try growing an avocado seed.

Can We Dissolve a Avocado?Scientopia
A very interesting solubility experiment for the older kids using avocado.

Virtual Tour: From Seedling to SupermarketCalifornia Avocado Commission
See step by step how avocados are handled from grafting and growing to harvesting and shipping.

Find Sheri at Learning Pavilion, a place where nature, education, and crafts meet.

Angie Kauffman
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