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free online resources for teaching language arts

Teaching your children language arts can be a challenge – you’ll cover everything from phonics to grammar, sentence structure to poetry. I’m sharing my best free resources for language arts in this list. Get your pencils ready to take some notes!

1.Handwriting Worksheets
My boys have a hard time with printing, so I’ve used this website before to create worksheets for them to practice their names.

You have the option to customize the sheets just how you want them – in print, cursive or even D’Nealian.

If you’re looking for nursery rhymes, Bible verses or calendar time sheets, stop by Handwriting for Kids.

2.Book Adventure
Need some help motivating your children to read? Want to see what they’ve learned? Book Adventure is a wonderful resource.

Taking a test on a book earns points, which kids save up for rewards. You can even load in your own ‘prize’ for your students to earn. When my daughter earns 1000 points by taking tests on books she’s read, she can go out with me for ice cream.

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3.Books Should Be Free
Welcome to a huge collection of FREE audiobooks and ebooks! You can search through this collection to add to your Kindle, iPad or other e-reader, or add the audio files to your listening library. The children’s section has classics like Huckleberry Finn, Treasure Island, Pollyanna and more.

boggle junior
This website is an excellent resource for children to look up definitions, parts of speech and correct spellings. I use the Thesaurus section almost daily! There’s even a library of over 60,000 quotes to peruse.

For older children, there’s a fun and games section. There, you can play games to test your knowledge of word meanings, double check spellings of words and more.
story cubes
5. Story Starter Junior
My daughter has quite an imagination, so I like to work with her on creative writing. I use Story Starter Junior to give her a beginning sentence, then she completes her story.
pop for sight words
6. Giggle Poetry
Even though I loved English when I was a kid, I never got into poetry. I found it dull and trite.

Not anymore.

Giggle Poetry is a blast and even offers lessons for teaching children how to write poetry like haiku, limericks and list poems.

see and spell
7. Funnix
Funnix is an online version of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. At the time this post is being published, Funnix isn’t free. In the past, the program is usually offered for free once or twice a year. Keep your eye on the website.

While you’re waiting for the special offer, you can download samples for free. There’s also an Alphabet Game to try out to see if your child is ready for the program.
silly sentences game

8. Grammar Rock
Moms, prepare to get nostalgic.

Those of us over 30 will surely remember these classic videos from our childhood, and might even be able to sing along.

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your adverbs here …..”

These catchy tunes can help you and your children remember parts of speech, prepositions and more.
montessori sand tray
9. Letter Sounds
Letter Sounds is a simple on-line game that quizzes children on their ability to recognize letters and the sounds they make. The lower levels start out with easier beginning sounds and progresses up to beginning blends.

For younger students, you can start with Learn Letters.

zingo sight words
Need to create a custom spelling list? Head over to, enter in your list, then let your kids play games to learn their spelling words.
all about reading
11. All About Reading

All About Reading is a multisensory program that teaches kids how to read using sight, sound and touch. The Pre-Reading Package is on its way to my house now for my boys.

While the program isn’t free, there are free e-books and articles on the site to help you teach your child how to succeed in reading.

If you visit my Language Arts Resources board on Pinterest, you’ll find even more suggestions there. You’ll need to add Free Resources for Elementary Teachers to your library for more ideas.

What about you? What are your favorite free resources online for language arts? Be sure and share them in the comments!

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Dianna Kennedy
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