First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables E-Book: Everything You, Your Child (and Even Your Parish) Needs for a Meaningful Milestone


My oldest is beginning his formal two year preparation for First Holy Communion this year, so I was excited to have the opportunity to review Angie Kauffman and Rob Jensen’s e-book, First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables.  It is a one-stop resource for preparing for, celebrating and, most importantly, enjoying the meaningful milestone of a child’s First Holy Communion.

Authored by veteran First Holy Communion mother and writer, Angie Kauffman, and including 24 pages of original illustrations by artist Rob Jensen, First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables can help any parent, faith formation teacher or parish enrich a child’s First Holy Communion.

A Quick, Accessible Read

As a busy homeschooling mom with young children, I rarely have time to digest long books.  So, my favorite resources are ones that are well-formatted for a quick first read-through, which I know I can head back to later, finding what I want to access immediately.  First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables does not fail on this account. 

The book is formatted with plenty of white space for ease-of-the-eye should you read it online and for note-taking should you print it out.  Yet, it is rich in practical information.

The text is clear and helpful while the graphics are plentiful and promise years of use.

Within the book are:

  • Prayers to Learn for First Communion (and First Reconciliation):  a basic list with the words to each prayer that you and your children can practice and check off, or, like we hope to, use for copywork in making a personal prayer book.
  • Why is it Important to Receive First Communion?: seven thoughts written in easy language for parents and teachers to share and discuss with children
  • 30 Family Activities to Do While Preparing for First Communion:  four pages of ideas to reach children (and parents) of a variety of learning styles and interests
  • How to Make a First Communion Banner: three pages of instruction and color photos with specific, tried-and-true tips
  • Examples of First Communion Banners: a wide array of examples in color photographs, along with additional resource links for banner Kits for those who don’t wish to make their own
  • First Communion Resources:  a three-page resource list for parties, crafts, worksheets, coloring pages, attire, autism and more
  • First Communion Banner Patterns: 24 printable pages of pattern to be used from First Holy Communion preparation to Confirmation and beyond as far as I am concerned

Plus, the Table of Contents is formatted so that if you click on a section title, it will bring you right to that page.  I just love little touches like that!  I know I will be clicking on that Table of Contents often over the next two years and even beyond.

Time-Saving Graphics

The First Communion banner patterns section includes the following shapes in at least two sizes:

  • Dove (a couple of different types)
  • Chalice
  • Cross (two different types)
  • Grapes (a bunch of grapes and then single grapes)
  • Heart
  • 10 Commandments
  • Star (a fancy one, like the Star of Bethlehem)
  • Host
  • Wheat
  • Bible
  • Candles
  • Stained Glass Window (this is the only one that has only one size)
  • Chi Rho symbol
  • Monstrance
  • Rainbow
  • Sun
  • Church
  • Angel
  • Fish
  • Flower
  • Alpha & Omega

Each of these original illustrations has clean lines and embedded color suggestions to make creating patterns for banners and decorations easy.  With a flash of white-out over the color words, the patterns can also be used as print-outs for coloring or paining – a bonus for my children who love to make crafts and decorations for our Liturgical Table and Teas.

Truly, since there is such a wide variety of patterns included in the book, I know we will be accessing them regularly and am confident that they will be used long after First Holy Communion for making other crafts, banners and decorations.

Highly Recommended
In my opinion, First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables can be an effective tool for any parent, teacher or parish involved in preparing a child for this important sacrament.  The first portion of the book offers basic information, well-written talking points and a wide variety of ideas for making preparation for First Communion an event filled with ease, enjoyment and rich faith experiences.  The second half offers all the resources and printables one might need for the big day.

When you think about the adage “time is money”, First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables is a bargain.  Angie Kauffman and Rob Jensen obviously put time into creating this helpful, one-stop resource, so you won’t have to spend hours assimilating resources and worrying over details on your own.  Instead, you can benefit from their time and talents, keeping your focus where it should be:  on preparing for and enjoying a meaningful sacrament with your children.

At $5.50 for individual family use (and more for large group licensing such as for Religious Education programs or classrooms), I think the book is well worth the time you will save in searching for information, patterns and links on your own.  It is a worthwhile investment which can help not only with the mechanics of how to create a banner or prepare for a party, but also with uncovering the deeper significance of the sacrament by getting families focused on the reason that receiving the Eucharist is so special.

To purchase First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables, go here.

Martianne writes about faith, family and homeschooling at Training Happy Hearts, where she hosts a link-up for raising young ones in the faith, beginning on Sunday each week.

(Martianne received the ebook for free to review, but all opinions are her own.)