Extended Breaks

When we decided to go ahead and homeschool this year, I chose to go with a pre-planned curriculum for a variety of reasons. Because it’s religiously based (Catholic), the suggested books and projects flow with the liturgical year. Which was all well and good until I realized that we had started about a month too early. Hmmm. It was relatively easy to rearrange the things that were specific to certain Holy Days, feasts, etc, so I did so and didn’t think much about it.

Well, it turns out that we got all that we needed down by Christmas break finished at the end of November. Hmmm, again. Now I was faced with upwards of 6 weeks of possible Christmas vacation. I had initially thought to take more like 2 or 3 weeks off during the Christmas season, to account for all the baking and traveling. What to do? I really wanted to take those 6 weeks so we could get back on the proper schedule and I wouldn’t have to rearrange everything to stay on track. On the other hand, 6 weeks of no school seemed excessive. I mean, kids in “real” school (ha!) only get that kind of time off during blizzards or summer break, and I don’t want to raise a slacker, right?

While every homeschooling family will handle longer than expected breaks differently, I decided to go ahead and take those 6 weeks. Kind of. We haven’t done any of our pre-planned lessons, but we have been reading a very large stack of Christmas books from the library, practicing printing and cursive handwriting, and working on getting her basic addition and subtractions facts down (did I tell you she loves worksheets?) And of course, plenty of arts and crafts. It’s also worked out well, having this extended break, because our middle daughter started at the local developmental preschool, so I’ve been able to focus more energy in that direction to help her adjust.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that we don’t have to be constantly “doing stuff” to be schooling and learning!

Photo by Kenzoka

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  1. Angie says

    Enjoy your extended break! But, I agree — school and learning is more than just books and worksheets. I’m sure they are getting in a lot of schooling with your reading, math practice, and arts and crafts!

    Are you thinking to use CHC again next year for schooling?