Eight Online Math Activity Sites

The following post is from contributing writer Demetria Zinga of Christian Homeschool Moms.

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If you have struggling math learners who need a little jolt of fun included in the school day, you might want to locate low-cost or free resources that will assist your child in learning to love math.  After doing a search in Pinterest, I was astounded by the amount of free online math games available that I haven’t been taking advantage of! This school year, I now know that I’ll be sprucing up our math programs- making it a much more fun learning experience for my kids.

If you’re looking for some online resources that will help your kids enjoy math, try these resources.

ABCYa.com is a leading educational game stop for kids in grades K-5.  Among the games and apps available are math games, designed to help kids understand number concepts.

Cool Math for Kids is a nice balance of colorful online lessons and practice, puzzles, and math games. Divided into two sections (kids over 13, and kids under 13), you’ll be able to match up the lessons and games with your students. Many of the games are divided into categories such as logic, skill, memory, or board games.

Math Game Time includes math videos, games, and worksheets for grades K-7. Lots of math topics are included- like addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, algebra, geometry, fractions, and probability

Fun Brain is based on the concept of arcades: complete the current level to unlock the next. Students get to choose a gender avatar and level (grade), which adds to the element of choice and fun! In addition to math, reading games as well as fun games are included on this site.  Divided by both topic and grade, you can select from a variety of math games- like “Pig Toss,” “Mummy Hunt,” and “Soccer Shootout.”

Math Play consists of  online games and printable worksheets for grades 1-8.  From place value word search to math millionaire and math jeopardy, your kids are bound to find something they’ll enjoy playing (all while admitting to loving math)!

Toy Theater is a nice site for early learning and primary age students (and it’s in 6 different languages)!  There are several other topical games included besides math – like art, music, and reading.  In the math section, you can browse the teacher section to target the subject area you want to cover: patterns, directions, time, or counting. The games are displayed with attractive icons, making it easy for the child to pick an interesting one.  There are also interactive flashcards, quizzes, and tests available (in game format).

Every Day Mathematics has a complete online portal of one and two-player math skills games for grades 1-6 and early childhood.

Crickweb offers a listing of a variety of math worksheets and online games for a variety of ages.

I hope you enjoy these resources, and that your kids will appreciate all the fun they can find in math!

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