Edible Gifts for Christmas: Non-Traditional Options

Yesterday, we talked about some of the more traditional options for edible holiday giftsSo, I thought today I would share some less traditional options. No, this doesn’t mean that they are going to be crazy options.  However, they are options that are just not what you necessarily expect in a basket of goodies for family and friends.


Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  Okay, I’m sure there are people reading right now that say, “Uh…me.”  Fine.  You don’t like cupcakes.  But, most people love them.  With reality shows like Cupcake Wars and cupcake bakeries and food trucks popping up all over the place, cupcakes are a great option for a unique gift.

Ideally, for a cupcake gift, it would be extra special to make a few different kinds.  This would be especially easy if you are making gifts for many different people.  That way, you could just make a few batches and mix and match.  It would also be great to decorate different flavors in different ways – some with piped icing, some with a ganache, and some with my favorite – sprinkles!

Cupcake Recipes to Start You Going:

Some Cupcake Books to Buy or Borrow from the Library:


A cake is a fabulous option, instead of making all kinds of other goodies.  It’s especially great if you know the particular receiver’s favorite type of cake.

Cake Doesn't Have to Go On a Platter - It Can Go in a Jar! (Click Pic to Read Post)

Some Cake Recipes to Get You Thinking:

Cake Cookbooks for Everyone from The Advanced Baker to the Beginner:


Dropping off a whole pie to someone certainly lets them know that you were thinking of them!  Pies are definitely not something I make, but have wanted to learn since seeing all the pies in the movie Waitress.

Some Pies that I Wish I Knew How to Make:

Pie Cookbooks to Buy or Borrow:

A Whole Meal

Who says that edible gifts need to be sweet?  What an amazing gift idea it would be to drop off a whole meal to someone!

If you plan to do this, you could either make a meal that could go right into someone’s freezer or you could make arrangements with them to drop off a hot meal one evening.

If you decided to go with the freezer option, here are some fabulous books to check out for freezer meal preparation.  Most of these would also lend themselves well to making large batches of the same meal, in order to make it easier to prepare meal gifts for several families at once.

Do you have any unique ideas for some non-traditional edible gifts for the holidays?  If so, please feel free to share them here!

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  1. Julie says

    Cinnamon buns or Cinnamon rolls make great gifts. Arrange a few on a lovely holiday gift plate and wrap with colored plastic wrap and a bow. Tasty and pretty! For a great Cinnamon roll recipe that tastes like those yummy Mall ones check out this book from your local library:

    Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy