Edible Gifts for Christmas: Let’s Find a Container

During this week, we’ve looked at how to decide what to make as edible gifts, as well as taking into consideration the cost (in both time and money).  Now that we have all of those out of the way, it’s time to consider how we will package up our goodies.

I can’t have the perfect answer for you, of course, on how to package up your Christmas treats, since it will have to be uniquely decided based on what you have made.  However, I will tell you that a basket is definitely not your only option!

The Traditional Basket

The first year or two that I made an assortment of treats for Christmas gifts, I was stuck on the idea that I needed to put them into a basket.  (Mind you, this was also when I had fewer to make.)  While this can be a lovely option, this can also present two problems.

The first problem is expense.  If you want to use the same type of basket for each gift (not just whatever you have been able to find at second hand stores), you might spend quite a bit of your budget on baskets, even if you’re trying to find them inexpensively.

The second problem is for the receiver.  If you have given them a very lovely basket, then they may very well keep it.  But, if your receiver is anything like me (and maybe like you too), baskets that I receive gifts in often find themselves at Goodwill.  I just don’t have room for a lot of things around my house, especially baskets that I’m not in love with.

Other Edible Gift Container Options

Over the course of the last several years, I think I have managed to do something different just about every year.  I have been trying my best to keep my cost at under $1 for the actual container, as I know that I will wrap up enough money in the actual ingredient expenses.  The suggestions below do not all fit into that under $1 budget, however.

Some ideas for containers for your edible gifts (Not all ideas would work for all food, of course.  Also, some will necessitate putting food into baggies first.):

  • Aluminum Containers with Lids (such as the 8×8 disposable ones)
  • Reusable Gladware Containers with Lids
  • Christmas-themed Tins (often available in the holiday area in many large retailers)
  • Chinese Take Out Boxes
  • Mason Jars
  • Styrofoam Take Out Containers (I got a huge set of these at Sam’s Club, which have also been great for sending food home with guests after meals.)
  • Clean and Empty Pringles Cans (which have been decorated on the outside)
  • Clean and Empty Metal Paint Cans (available at a lot of hardware stores, and have never been used for paint)
  • Clear Crafting “Paint” Cans (available at places like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby)
  • Decorative Holiday Baggies
  • Holiday Metal Plates/Platters (often available for only a couple of dollars)

The possibilities are just endless, especially if you keep your eyes open for something unique when you’re around town or looking at ideas online.

Do you have any unique ideas for items that you can use for packaging your edible holiday treats?

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  1. hsmominmo says

    The goodies on your table look absolutely delicious! Looks like we make many similar goodies for our Christmas ‘baskets’.
    A favorite packaging idea is gift boxes (the type you wrap a shirt or scarf or tie in). Line each one with tissue paper, leaving extra hanging over the side — stack and pack in the goodies, using cupcake or candy liners, or extra tissue if needed. Fold the excess tissue over the top and place the lid, wrapping up the whole thing with a festive bow. It looks like a gift from an expensive clothing store and pricey candy shop.
    I often pick up packages of these boxes at after Christmas sales (tissue too) so the wrappings really cost next-to-nothing.

  2. says

    Another idea for containers is to ask at a school (or nursing home, etc.) cafeteria for their empty large cans that their green beans, etc came in. You’d have to find a way to cover them, but they’re free and could be decorated really cute!

  3. says

    The dollar store has great Christmas tins that are perfect for gift giving and only $1. I also saw some cute boxes at WM for $1 the other day. They were the perfect size for a smaller bread loaf and I loved that it had a clear “window”.

  4. says

    Those are awesome ideas for packaging food gifts. I love the ideas of the other commenters too. The dollar store has been great for getting tins and containers. I have found so many yummy holiday treats on Pinterest that I am sure I will be trying something this year and these ideas will come in handy.

  5. says

    What a great idea to give use something other than baskets for edible gifts! Those baskets just end up in the garage sale pile anyways. I hadn’t thought of edible gifts this year, but I am excited to look at your ideas. We have done chocolate suckers and santas before and they are wrapped in their own plastic bags. Thanks so much for all the ideas here :)