Duct Tape Crafts for Kids

The following is a post by contributing writer Jamie.

In this house 13-year-old Kathryn is the resident duct tape expert, so we have a running list of projects she’s either already made or is planning to make. For this list, I managed to find a few she hadn’t seen before, which is really saying something!

Duct Tape Crafts for Kids


These duct tape decorated notebooks have a built in pen or pencil holder! Wouldn’t these be handy to take along with you on nature walks and such since they’d be more durable than the original notebook? I might even make one for myself.

Animal Ears Headband

Easy, easy, easy. Let the kids make whatever critter strikes their fancy.


Functional and as funky as you want to make it, depending upon what design duct tape you use. Kathryn has made a few of these and they are definitely durable!


Kathryn told me I had to include duct tape roses in this list! She loves making them, and keeps these displayed in her room in a pretty little vase her Grandpa gave her. You can make them on pens, too.

Duct Tape Roses


Kids can make their own belt to wear. How fun! And with all the cute designs out there (polka dots, mustaches, stripes, chevron…) they could match — or purposely not match — any outfit.


This super-cool airplane is a very boy-friendly project, but my girls would enjoy it too. They could even make it hot pink!

River Raft

After the kids build it, they’ll want to test it’s sea-worthiness; maybe a float in the tub would be the perfect way to do that. Or for bonus fun points, try it in a nearby creek!

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Jamie Worley