Current Events for Kids

The following post is from Jen from Forever, For Always, No Matter What:

Current Events for Kids

When our children were young  we virtually stopped watching tv.  We especially stopped watching the evening news or any cable news programs.  There was simply too much we didn’t want little eyes seeing and hearing.  We also stopped getting the local paper because we just didn’t have time to read it.  Ever!

Why Study Current Events?

Needless to say our knowledge of current events was a little lacking.  As our children got older, I began to think maybe we should be paying more attention to what was going on in the world around us.  As homeschoolers, it’s a little easy to live in our homeschool bubble and just concern ourselves with the hear and now of caring for and educating our families.

History has a way of repeating itself, current events often mirror what has happened in the past.  I think it helps my students have a deeper understanding for history when they are also learning about current struggles.  I also feel that being knowledgable about current events helps our children be more well rounded, as well as more informed voters when the time comes for them to express their opinion in that fashion.

As I was thinking that I needed to be more intentional with current events, I happened to read Roan’s post here at Real Life at Home, Preparing Your Homeschooler for College and it confirmed my thoughts.  We needed to find a way to incorporate a bit more current event study.  But how?  I wasn’t going to plunk my kids down in front of the local news to get caught up.  I needed to find a different course of action.

Ways to Study Current Events

One idea I implemented right away was to start watching CNN Student News each morning.  {I know some are critical of this resource because of the slanted view of CNN but I welcome the opportunity to present our worldview when certain stories come up}   I find much more good content than questionable content.  My children love starting the day with CNN Student News, they ask for it and look forward to it.  Student news is a fast paced and engaging way to get a slice of what is happening in the world.

Another option is Student News Daily.  We recently added this to our current events repertoire.  It’s quick and easy to sign up and a story gets e-mailed each day.  Tuesday offers a peek around the world, Wednesday offers an example of media bias, Thursday is an editorial and finally Friday offers a short quiz  relating to the week’s news.  I use this site with my oldest student who is in 7th grade.

Normally we have the opportunity to incorporate some geography into our learning as well.  It only takes a minute or two to find different locations on the map and further extend our learning.  We also relay stories to Dad at the dinner table in the evening.

These are some simple and free ways to begin the habit of adding more current event study into our homeschool.

How do you make an effort to study current events in your home?

Jen Jen is a homeschooling mom to 6 children and is not content with the ordinary. Life is an adventure with much to be explored. Stop by Forever, For Always, No Matter What as she navigates life in a large, slightly unconventional, always-striving-to-be-a-faith-filled family. She can also be found on Twitter, Pinterest and Google+


  1. says

    Thanks, I am going to think about adding one of these sites to our daily routine in the fall. We never watch tv news at our house…my husband is good about keeping up on current events via different internet sites, but the rest of us are mostly clueless most of the time!

  2. Robyn Smith says

    Thanks for the great ideas! I am looking forward to trying some of them myself. At our house, due to the fact that I tend to get a little too caught up in the emotion of the news, my husband shares it with me on a “need to know basis”. 😉
    Needless to say, I am not the best teacher in this area. That’s okay, though, because my husband is! He is both big on current events and history and has a broad understanding of what is happening, its implications, historical repetitions, and subtle biases. He does a great job of looking beyond the headlines to what *isn’t* being said – often equally or more important than what is. His gift and passion in this area allow him to share things with our children that I could not, no matter how much I tried to keep up! Best of all, it’s some excellent Daddy bonding time with the children!

  3. says

    thanks for these resources! I want to teach my children more about current events, but I do like living in my homeschool bubble. LOL! I’m going to try the CNN Student News. Thanks for giving me a little needed push to do something new!

  4. cam says

    We watch the 700 Club every morning, and the first 15-20 minutes of the show is straight news & current events, with a Christian perspective. I’ve never found it to be inappropriate for my boys and it keeps us up with current events that pertain to our worldview.