Convincing Siri to Play Let it Go for Me in Six Steps

While I was cruising down the road, I thought, “Hey – I want to belt out ‘Let it Go’” while I’m driving.”  You know, because that’s kind of how I roll when I drive.  I like to sing.

Because I’m responsible while I’m driving, I didn’t try to find the song myself, I decided to rely on Siri to find the song for me.  While I generally find Siri helpful, this was not one of those times.

Asking Siri to Play Let it Go

Convincing Siri to Play “Let it Go” for Me in Six Steps

1.  I confidently command, “Play song Let it Go.”

Playing “Live and Let Die.”

(Note: She even said the first word like it was pronounced as in Saturday Night Live.)

2. I giggle.  I decide to skip saying the word song.  “Play Let it Go.”

Okay, album “Let Go” coming up.

(Cue “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne)

3. I sigh.  How am I going to ask now?  I hesitantly tell Siri, “Play songs by Idina Menzel.”

Sorry, I couldn’t  find ‘Edina Mancel’ in your music.

4.  What the heck, Siri?  I smirk.  “Play songs by Adele Dezeem,” I squeak out while laughing.  I pray that it would find the song from this so I can have a great story later.

Sorry, I couldn’t find ‘Adele does seem’ in your music.

5. I was frustrated and getting close to my destination.  One more try.  “Play songs from Frozen.”

OK, Frente! coming up (shuffled).

(“Labour of Love” by Frente! begins to play)

6.  Fine, Siri!  Whatever!  Wait.  Maybe I have it.  I am at my location, and will pretty much have to get right out of the car.  “Play album Frozen.”

Playing album “Frozen (Deluxe Edition) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]“

“The snow glows white on the mountain tonight…” and then I had to leave the van because I was picking up Molly at a particular time.  I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

Thanks, Siri.

Hey – really quickly before you scroll down to the link list for this week…

Since we’re talking about a Disney movie, I thought that you also might be interested in checking out this very fun Pinterest board called Disney’s The Pirate Fairy, which has all kinds of ideas for cool things like fairy gardens, pirate themed birthday parties, treasure hunting, scavenger hunts, and so much more.  It’s all to celebrate the April 1st release date of Disney’s The Pirate Fairy movie.  Go check it out!  (I’m a contributor on the board, which is run by BlogHer.)

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    Your post made me laugh! It’s pretty funny although I imagine at the moment it’s pretty frustrating! I don’t bother using the voice thingie on my phone (hah! Look at me being all technologically savvy using those proper terms and all :) But really, I’ve tried once or twice but between my Dutch-Russian-weird English accent and my Dutch phone, we always end up having some sort of a communication problem. Although my husband speaks the same language as his phone and still has had a 0 % success rate getting it to work.