20 Reasons to Love Fall

20 reasons to love fall

(Looking for Top Ten Tuesday and not sure why this is a list of 20 items?  Check out last week’s post to learn about the changes to Top Ten Tuesday, which is now List it Tuesday.) I’ve written before about my love of fall.  And, despite it forcing me into a sometimes desperate need for […]

How Not To Lose Your Mind During Summer Break

Summer break is coming, and you know what that means: your house is about to be full of kids who are accustomed to structure, mental stimulation, and same-age playmates. If your kids are like mine, school breaks are a recipe for boredom and bickering. Oh, no, sorry, that’s just my kids. Right? Riiiiight. Well, just […]

Ten Ways to Make Fall Special

Although the wonders of fall are (temporarily) overshadowed by the loss of summer and the start of school, it really is a great season!  For many of you, the weather gets more reasonable and frankly it’s a great season for the senses–there are leaves turning beautiful sunset colors and crunching beneath your feet, apple cider […]

10 Things I Love About Fall

Fall is definitely my favorite season. It’s not even a competition really.  I don’t have a close second favorite.  With all of the other seasons, there are definitely things that I like a lot, but things that I just don’t like so much.  Fall, however, I just love. Although I could make a long list […]

In Defense of Taking Snow Days

Three of my favorite words when I was a preteen up through my high school years were “blowing and drifting.” My husband and I still joke that those are magical words. What would be so special about these words? It’s not so much these words by themselves as what those words mean together with words […]