Why You Should Make Family Travel a Priority

Why You Should Make Family Travel a Priority

In the last several years, we’ve tried to make family travel a priority in our budget.  After many years of road trips consisting only of visiting relatives, we realized that trips and vacations add so much to our family experience.  Not only that, but it amazed us how much natural learning took place just by venturing […]

How Much Does a Disney World Vacation Cost?

How much does a Disney World trip cost

Since we’ve been taking Disney World vacations the last few years, I’ve been asked the same question several times.  It usually comes prefaced by a very kind, “If you don’t mind saying…” or something like that, but then is finally followed by “How much does a Disney World vacation cost?” Often this is asked because […]

Trips We’ve Taken Since We’ve Been Married

A kiss at Disney World

Family vacations weren’t part of my experience as a kid.  I remember taking camping trips, a trip to the World’s Fair in Knoxville in 1982, a one week long trip to Florida when I was in fifth grade and a trip here or there to see family in Minnesota.  Otherwise, I don’t really remember doing […]

Meeting Disney Characters: An Autograph Tip

disney character autograph tip

During our kids’ first trip to Disney World (in 2011), we were excited to whip out our autograph books to have a special keepsake from our trip.  Because we had a free dining plan, our trip included many character meals and we easily filled half of the pages in their autograph books. It was while […]

New Experience #4: 10 Notes on Taking the Kids to a Large Art Museum

art museum okeefe

This is part of a two week series on Many Little Blessings where either I or my family try something that is a new experience and then reflect on it.  Check out all of the new experiences. —– I’m changing up the format that I’ve been following for this series to make this one fit […]