10 May Activities for Catholic Families Printable

May Activities for Catholic Families Printable

It’s April 29th, so do you know what that means?  That means it’s almost May and time for a May activities for Catholic Families printable. It also means, however, that it’s my parents anniversary.  So, happy anniversary to you two crazy kids.  We love you very much! Okay, so back to that May printable… 10 […]

List it Tuesday: April 15th

List it Tuesday at Many Little Blessings and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

I’ve had such a busy day and have been working until nearly exhausted (seriously – I almost fell asleep last night with the computer in my lap) on the new site, that I just pretty much forgot about List it Tuesday.  I’m so glad to have Kris doing the link up now with me too. […]

10 Things I Just Don’t Do

10 Things I Just Don't Do

I wish that I was one of those Moms that wore pearls while she created elaborate meals in her pristine house.  She’s the kind of Mom that lovingly shakes her head and sighs when her children misbehave.  She’s the kind of Mom that has her act together.  I’m not that kind of Mom. Eric told […]