A Reflection on my Grandma's Passing

I’ve been putting off writing about my Grandma’s passing.  Unfortunately, I also don’t feel like I can write anything else until I do it.  So, this may jump around a bit, but I’m going to try to just sit down and sort out some things today, which is exactly two weeks since she passed away.  […]

My Funeral Reading for My Grandma

I’ve been home for four days now, and I’m having a hard time getting back to writing here. I have been taking care of a lot of other things that I needed to do online, but I’m just having a hard time coming back to write. I think that my biggest problem is that I […]

The Three Day Trip that Took Ten Days

Ten days ago, I left for a three day trip that I had been planning for a few weeks.  As a matter of fact, it was planned just after we took the trip that I talked about in this post.   I know that I will be back soon to talk more about this, but I […]

And This is Why My Grandma is Cringing in Heaven

As you can probably imagine, this week has been a hodge podge of craziness, weeping, stress, surprise at all of the support we’ve had, and also moments of sheer delight in the aftermath of my Grandma’s sudden and unexpected death on Sunday.   Yes, I said that — sheer delight.  This story is one of those.  […]

When did I get so old?

Seriously — when did it happen? I don’t feel old, certainly. Heck — I don’t actually think that I am old. But, things seem to be happening every so often that make me scratch my head and think, “Huh. I guess I am getting older.” My reasoning? Not one, but several of the kids that […]

Deleting Email Addresses

Every so often, I go through my email address book and delete some of the email addresses. I may delete ones that I know keep coming back undeliverable or perhaps the email address of someone that I used to take classes with in graduate school to whom I don’t really talk to anymore. You get […]

It makes me sad to think about it…

But, I have come to realize I’m getting older. I don’t actually begrudge myself getting older. And, while I am a bit wistful while realizing that each of my little babies is no longer a little baby, it also isn’t what makes me sad. It is the realization that my grandparents and great aunts and […]

Goodbye Grandmom, Just for Now

After a long battle with cancer (although it was not her first battle with it), one of Eric’s Grandmothers passed away on Friday. Eric’s “Grandmom” (as they all called her, though I admit that I always just said Grandma) lived about 40 minutes from us, and I’ll admit that we didn’t see her nearly as […]