A Reflection on my Grandma's Passing

I've been putting off writing about my Grandma's passing.  Unfortunately, I also don't feel like I can write anything else until I do it.  So, this may jump around a bit, but I'm going to try to just sit down and sort out some things today, which is exactly two weeks since she passed away.  I know … [Read more...]

The Three Day Trip that Took Ten Days

Ten days ago, I left for a three day trip that I had been planning for a few weeks.  As a matter of fact, it was planned just after we took the trip that I talked about in this post.   I know that I will be back soon to talk more about this, but I just wanted to explain my absence.The three day … [Read more...]

Those Moments That Bring Life Into Sharp Focus

It's easy to let life slip by us, isn't it?  I know I'm guilty (too guilty) of finding time to play on Facebook or Twitter, but "forgetting" to do an activity that I told the kids I would do.  Or, I grumble when my Mom asks a favor while I think I am too busy doing something that probably … [Read more...]