4th of July Crafts for Kids

4th of July crafts for kids

The following post is from Jamie of See Jamie Blog:My family loves the Fourth of July. (Except for the dog, who is not a fan of fireworks.) There's an old-fashioned parade near us. There are cookouts and swimming and fireworks and fun with family and friends. Of course there's a whole bunch … [Read more...]

Current Events for Kids

Current Events for Kids

The following post is from Jen from Forever, For Always, No Matter What:When our children were young  we virtually stopped watching tv.  We especially stopped watching the evening news or any cable news programs.  There was simply too much we didn't want little eyes seeing and hearing.  We … [Read more...]

Astronomy for Middle School

The following post is from Christy of Eclectic MommaMy son has loved astronomy for a long time.  He definitely knows more than I do about the subject.  Over the years, we've done several different unit studies with lots of hands-on activities.  But let me tell you, middle school astronomy has … [Read more...]