You are Our Joseph

St Joseph

While we were converting to Catholicism throughout parts of 2006 and 2007, one of the tasks that we had was to pick a Confirmation name.  We were encouraged to do research about saints and we even had to share more about at least one saint we had learned about with our RCIA group. I had […]

How Do You Find the Time? And Other Questions I Am Asked.

I’m excited about the list this week, but it was a hard one to come up with.  I even needed to send out text messages to family (and post on Facebook) for ideas.  Sometimes, it’s just hard to remember what people ask me. So, now that I have ten questions compiled, I’m sharing ten questions […]

The Vacation I Won't Take Again

Last year, we took what could be seen as a dream vacation to many people.  Can you imagine a whole month looking at a scene like this: Well, you know, except for the entire week when our scenery was more like this: I know, it was pretty sweet. So, it seems really dumb to pick […]

A Mixed Marriage in the 21st Century

Ages ago, it was taboo for a Catholic to marry a non-Catholic; even up to my mother converting to Catholicism in 1977 to marry my dad.  When I met my husband, he knew being Catholic was part of me, so when our daughter came, he was the one that approached the subject of having her […]

I Love My Husband More than the Kids

I am still totally smitten with my husband. We’ve been married over six years, and of course we’ve had bumps in the road, but we’ve still seen each other through everything. And we are more in love than ever. When we had our first child, it was instant and amazing love. Unconditional, in fact. There […]

Ode to Date Night

I was recently asked to share my favorite marital or household practice with an engaged co-worker and it seemed like a good one for all you Catholic mothers (and fathers) out there. However, this post has remained open and blank for nearly 24 hours. That alone should tell you a bit about our life. I love […]