Building Projects for Kids

Building Projects for Kids

The following post is from Jamie of See Jamie Blog: One of my favorite childhood memories with my dad was “helping” him build a sled from miscellaneous stuff in the garage on one of our rare Georgia snow storms. I don’t know how much I actually helped — but I remember the sled-building as much […]

Teaching Kids Kindness (with a Kindness Jar)

Teaching Kids Kindness with a Kindness Jar

The following post is from Becky of This Reading Mama: Homeschooling has been such a blessing for our family. Although I never thought homeschooling would be an option for me, God had other plans. On the flip side, homeschooling has its challenges. And some days, it seems the challenges out weigh the joys. On such a […]

Tips For Baking With Kids

  The following is a post from contributing writer, Demetria from Christian Homeschool Moms. This fall and winter, I plan to do lots of baking with my kids. Sometimes in the middle of planning quick meals that the kids and I can easily make when we’re in starve mode, I remember how much fun it is to also get in […]

Preparing Your Homeschooler for College

The following is a post from contributing writer Roan from Joyful Always. Recently, I dropped off my oldest child at college (well, I actually did not drop her off; I stayed in the area for two weeks to help her get settled and to make sure she would be able to survive without her mother). […]

15 Life Skills Essential for my Children

As homeschoolers, we often like to think that our children are better prepared to handle life situations than many of their public school counterparts. After all, they do see us “living life” day after day. But after speaking with many homeschooling moms that wonder if they are allowing their children enough opportunity to truly interact with […]

Easy Lunches Kids Can Make

The following post is from contributing writer Jen @ Forever, For Always, No Matter What When our homeschool day is moving along nicely, it can feel like a bit of an inconvenience to stop and prepare lunch.  I want my kids to have a nourishing, healthy lunch, I just don’t want to spend a ton […]