How to Teach Your Children Home Ec Skills

I know it was just yesterday when I was sharing information about my relaunched eBook, Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places (and it’s on the Kindle too).  So, it may seem crazy, but I’m going to tell you about my new eBook today! I don’t know if you’re like me at all, but […]

Teaching Children about Kitchen and Food Safety

Now that we’ve talked about making menus and preparing meals, it seems like it’s a great time to talk about teaching children about food and kitchen safety.  While you probably (hopefully) know all about kitchen safety, there are things that you probably take for granted about what is safe in the kitchen and what is […]

Teaching Children Simple Sewing Skills

Simple sewing skills.  That’s about where I am in my sewing life, and I suspect that’s where I will stay.  Even these most basic skills, however, have been picked up by me in the last few years.  So, prior to that, I was still taking things to my Mom that needed things like buttons put […]

Why You Should Be Teaching Home Ec Skills to Your Children

I would hope that it is obvious why you should be teaching home ec skills to your children, because, of course, they are life skills.  No matter where your children go to school each day (the local public school, a private or parochial school, or your kitchen table), they are depending on you to teach […]

Fighting Ants with Just a Few Ingredients

Ever since we disturbed the hangout of the ants in our yard by putting in a screened-in porch, we have had ants show up in our kitchen (closest to the spot they were in our yard) from time to time.  We have tried all kinds of things, but mostly lots of exterminator visits. However, the […]