5 Ways To Lower Your Grocery Bill

If your family is anything like mine, the grocery bills make you wince every week. Even if you eat almost all your meals from home, feeding a bunch of growing kids takes a major chunk of the family budget. Here are some of the things we do to shave the edges of that chunk. Five […]

Eight Ways to Save on Your Food Spending


If your family is anything like my family, food makes up a large percentage of your spending outside of regular bills.  Sometimes, it just seems crazy how easy it is to spend way too much on groceries, let alone food from a restaurant.  While you likely can’t stop spending money on food, there are certainly […]

10 Easy Family Meals

Kitchen tasks are just not my forte.  Well, honestly, I’m just generally domestically challenged, so the whole house may not be my forte.  However, for today’s Top Ten Tuesday, I’ll share some easy to prepare meals that my family (mostly) likes. While all of these meals have shorter prep time, some cook for an extended […]

10 Things You'll Always Find in Our Refrigerator

10 Things Always in my Refrigerator

Depending on how long it’s been since I’ve been to the grocery store, our refrigerator might either be too full or the contents may be dwindling.  However, there are a number of things that you can be fairly certain that you will find if you open it up. 10 Things You’ll (Almost) Always Find in […]

New Experience #7: Giving Up Red Meat

giving up red meat

This is part of a two week series on Many Little Blessings where either I or my family try something that is a new experience and then reflect on it.  Check out all of the new experiences. —– The New Experience Giving up red meat How I Picked the New Experience Somewhere around seven or […]

My Surprising Talent: Humor

Green Giant Chips

—– I must admit right now, that I never thought of humor as a surprise talent of mine.  With years of making people laugh and having friends say things like, “You have to get Angie to tell you that story” or the like, I just thought that it was general knowledge that one of my […]