10 Ways to be Happy

Ways to be Happy

Life can be so busy.  It’s easy to get preoccupied with the tasks you have to do, a never ending list of things that need your attention, and a near constant strain on your time.  It often means that it makes it too easy to overlook the happy in your life.  Other things get in […]

10 Little Things that Make My Day

10 Little Things that Make My Day

Sometimes, it’s not the big things in life that make a day special.  Sometimes, it’s just those little things that make you think, “Wow – this life is pretty great.  Why don’t I notice that all the time?” Here are ten of those things for me.  Ten of those things that are small, but often […]

10 Things that Make Me Happy


I’ve been wondering what to write for my Top Ten Tuesday this week for a few days now.  Nothing was popping into my head, and on Monday afternoon (which is right now for me) it finally came to me when I decided that I should go out onto our screened in porch to write.  I […]