10 Ways to be Happy

Ways to be Happy

Life can be so busy.  It’s easy to get preoccupied with the tasks you have to do, a never ending list of things that need your attention, and a near constant strain on your time.  It often means that it makes it too easy to overlook the happy in your life.  Other things get in […]

10 Little Things that Make My Day

10 Little Things that Make My Day

Sometimes, it’s not the big things in life that make a day special.  Sometimes, it’s just those little things that make you think, “Wow – this life is pretty great.  Why don’t I notice that all the time?” Here are ten of those things for me.  Ten of those things that are small, but often […]

10 Things that Make Me Happy


I’ve been wondering what to write for my Top Ten Tuesday this week for a few days now.  Nothing was popping into my head, and on Monday afternoon (which is right now for me) it finally came to me when I decided that I should go out onto our screened in porch to write.  I […]

Sharing Our Lives with You { Joie de Vivre no. 1 }

joy balloon - joie de vivre

Life seems to move so quickly.  It’s easy for me, just like I’m sure it is for others, to get caught up in looking toward the future while rushing through the present. “Everything will be great when these bills are all paid off.” “We’ll really be able to enjoy ourselves when things slow down after […]