What to Do When You’re Feeling Discouraged as a Homeschooler

When You're Feeling Discouraged as a Homeschooler

Homeschooling is such an amazing educational and lifestyle choice. The benefits of it are plentiful, and often get touted by homeschoolers. There’s another side to homeschooling, however. That other side is that homeschooling can be challenging. It can drain you mentally and physically. Even if it’s worth it, it is not an easy lifestyle to choose. On […]

011: How to Set Up a Kid Swap Social Group with Other Homeschoolers {Podcast}

How to Set Up a Kid Swap Social Group with Other Homeschooling Families (Podcast)

As a homeschooling parent, it can be difficult to find a little bit of alone time to catch up on tasks or just take a breather.  In this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m sharing the steps and guidelines we set up with another homeschooling family to have a kid swap twice a month that allowed […]

Last Minute Gift for Your Favorite Homeschooling Families

Great Homeschool Conventions is a year long sponsor of Many Little Blessings.  They also run my favorite homeschool convention. If you have a homeschool family to still get a Christmas gift for, you just may be in luck.  Even though it’s last minute, you can still pick up either an individual or a family registration […]

New Speakers Added to Great Homeschool Conventions Events

Great Homeschool Conventions

The following is a sponsored post (with affiliate links) because of a year long relationship between Many Little Blessings and Great Homeschool Conventions. Regardless of the sponsorship, GHC is still my favorite homeschool convention. — Great Homeschool Conventions has recently announced the addition of some new speakers to their popular regional homeschool conventions. Michael Medved, […]

Win a Registration to the Great Homeschool Convention

View from the Balcony in my Room

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This is also about an event by an advertiser on this site. I have attended a variety of homeschool conventions during our five years of homeschooling.  Some have been large and some small.  Some Catholic and some not specifically Catholic.  My favorite of all of the homeschooling conventions that […]