Spring Fairy Wand Treats and Fairy Fruit Juice Recipe


I wasn't surprised when almost as soon as the weather got nice this Spring, Molly was busily putting up a new fairy teepee in our front yard.  She just loved her first teepee-style fairy house so much that springtime called out to her to set up a new fairy habitat.  In honor of the creation of a new … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Activity Placemat Free Printables

Free Printable Mother's Day Activity Placemats with Two Versions (Cursive and Printing) | RealLifeAtHome.com

Mother's Day is coming up next week, so it seemed like a great time to share some Mother's Day themed printables.  I put together these Mother's Day activity placemats (though it can just be used as a printable activity page, of course) based on the design that I made last year for a set of Father's … [Read more...]