Helping Families with a New Baby

baby feet

When friends or family have a new baby enter their lives, it can be a great gift to offer help to them.  In my experience, however, it’s not just enough to say, “Let me know if you need anything.”  Most families won’t take you up on such a vague offer.  Instead, pick something that you […]

12 Gifts for the Nerdy Girl in Your Life

12 Gifts for the Nerdy Girl in Your Life

Nerds can’t really be grouped into one giant grouping with a label of “this would be a perfect gift for a nerd.”  Just like anyone else, nerds love different types of things.  Some are really into something like Star Trek, for instance, and some (like this one here) are not.  Some love books and others […]

First Communion Gift Guide 2012

I loved this feature last year, and am so excited to be able to share it again this year.  I have a real heart for small businesses, and it thrills me to be able to be a platform for letting some shine.  Supporting small businesses can be an amazing thing to do, and perfect for […]