Methods for Teaching a Foreign Language to Your Child

teaching a foreign language

This post is sponsored by Learning a foreign language is one of those things that many homeschoolers feel that they should be adding to their curriculum, but it can be difficult when you aren’t familiar enough with a foreign language to speak or teach it.  Even for non-homeschooling families, they may just want to […]

How to Build Homeschool Habits

The following is a post by contributing writer Michelle of Raising Cajuns. You’ve probably heard that you need to turn actions into habits if you want to make lasting change.  The same truth applies to decluttering, health, or cleaning habits as well as learning activities.  I hear a lot of people say they’d like to […]

Learning Spanish at Home

The following is a post from contributing writer LaToya Edwards of   My boys have been learning Spanish as our foreign language. I have a sweet friend the teaches Spanish Classes for children from ages 0-8! I really believe that the earlier you start with a foreign language the easier it is to learn.  I […]

Studying Latin in Elementary School

Have you thought about working on Latin with your elementary aged children but worry that they’re just too young?  Jen from Forever, For Always, No Matter What is sharing about her failure with teaching Latin to younger children, as well as what changed in their home to make it more successful. If you’ve been thinking […]

Teaching American Sign Language to Children

The following is a post from contributing writer Megan Spires at House of the Rising Sons. Did you know that teaching your children American Sign Language (ASL) can help improve their reading and spelling skills, encourage an interest in books and even improve their confidence and self esteem? Did you also know that, from an […]

Latin for the Average Mom

Et tu, Brute? Yeah, that’s about all the Latin I knew prior to homeschooling. But then I got mixed up with the Classical crowd and since the study of Latin goes hand in hand with Classical curriculum, I found myself in the thick of it all wearing nothing but a toga. OK, not really, but […]