Why You Should Make Family Travel a Priority

Why You Should Make Family Travel a Priority

In the last several years, we’ve tried to make family travel a priority in our budget.  After many years of road trips consisting only of visiting relatives, we realized that trips and vacations add so much to our family experience.  Not only that, but it amazed us how much natural learning took place just by venturing […]

Outdoor Summertime Family Fun Activities

Outdoor Summertime Family Fun Activities

For many years, summer has meant that we hole ourselves up in our house to enjoy the air conditioning and multiple electronic offerings inside.  Honestly, we still plan on doing that some throughout the summer.  However, we’ve also made a goal to have the family be more active throughout the summer.   Especially after so […]

A Goodbye to My Beloved Papa

Angie and Papa

I was born on a cold Wednesday morning in December back when disco and bell bottoms were in.  And, while I don’t know the first time my grandparents met me, I would imagine that some time early in my life, my Grandpa (whom we called Papa) may have stroked my baby soft head while I […]

Helping Families with a New Baby

baby feet

When friends or family have a new baby enter their lives, it can be a great gift to offer help to them.  In my experience, however, it’s not just enough to say, “Let me know if you need anything.”  Most families won’t take you up on such a vague offer.  Instead, pick something that you […]

How Not To Lose Your Mind During Summer Break

Summer break is coming, and you know what that means: your house is about to be full of kids who are accustomed to structure, mental stimulation, and same-age playmates. If your kids are like mine, school breaks are a recipe for boredom and bickering. Oh, no, sorry, that’s just my kids. Right? Riiiiight. Well, just […]