Our Lady of Guadalupe Printables and Worksheet Packet

Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego Printables and Worksheet Packet | RealLifeAtHome.com

The feast days of St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe are fast approaching.  It seemed like the perfect time to have them be the theme of this month’s Saints Printables Packet.  And so, this month’s packet is a 20-page packet with pages themed around Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego. The […]

December Activities for Kids and Families: Free Printables

December Activities for Families and Kids: Free Printables | RealLifeAtHome.com

Each month, I have a printable of faith formation activities for Catholic families.  Last December, I also made two different styles of printables that I thought everyone getting ready for Christmas would be able to enjoy. Now that it’s almost December, you might want to grab one of the four options of printables for December […]

Romans 8:38-39 Subway Art Printable

Romans 8:28-29 Scripture Subway Art Free Printable in Four Colors

It’s hard to pick a favorite verse from Scripture, so I wouldn’t even dare try.  But, Romans 8:38-39 is definitely one that I love.  As I told one woman at a craft show when she wondered why I didn’t have anything made with a particular verse that she loved (perhaps while with a little smirk […]

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Printables and Worksheet Packet

Free packet of worksheets and printables about St. Elizabeth of Hungary

With St. Elizabeth of Hungary’s feast day coming up on November 17th, I thought it would be fun to share a whole packet of printables with a St. Elizabeth of Hungary theme. The appropriate ages for the packet varies a bit.  I always hate to assign an age group to these kinds of things because there is […]

10 Activities for Catholic Families in November {Printable}

November Activities for Catholic Families Printable | RealLifeAtHome.com

November can be an extra busy month as fall activities are often in full swing as well as the Thanksgiving holiday (and getting ready for Christmas).  In all of the busyness, however, I encourage you to find time to do some or all of these activities with your family.  Many are easy to do, and […]

St. Mary and the Rosary Printables and Worksheet Packet

Mary and the Rosary Printables Packet (42 pages!)

I am so excited about this St. Mary and the Rosary Printables and Worksheet Packet!  It started out like the St. Francis of Assisi Printables Packet, since I would like to start having a printables packet each month, but then it exploded in size.  Whereas the St. Francis packet is 14 pages long, which is […]