How to Make a Cleaning Schedule that Works {Podcast Episode 15}

How to Make a Cleaning Schedule that Works {Real Life at Home Podcast Episode 15}

Keeping the house clean can be challenging with so many other things keeping us busy every day. There is a way to help with this struggle though, and it’s putting a cleaning schedule in place. While ready-made systems and schedules are fine, I have suggestions for making a cleaning schedule you can actually follow: one […]

RLAH 008: How to Keep Household Hot Spots Cleaner {Podcast}

How to Keep Household Hot Spots Cleaner

Do you have hot spots around your house?  You know, those areas that always seem to collect clutter, like your kitchen counter or maybe your desk top? In today’s episode of the podcast, I’m sharing three steps/questions for you to work through for those problematic area of your house.  By working through these steps, you […]

Four Quick Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Germs

cleaning tips

While I was driving to Savvy Blogging Summit this past June, I suddenly became ill.  In what seemed like an instant, my throat started to hurt and I got stuffed up.  I spent the rest of the weekend miserable before finally leaving early to head home and then stop at the local urgent care before […]

Solutions for Common Excuses for Clutter


Usually clutter around the house is pretty obvious.  You might not always want to clean it up, but you recognize that it’s clutter and eventually get around to doing something about it.  Sometimes, however, it’s just not that easy. There are times when you may have clutter around your house that you don’t even recognize […]

Saving Money on Laundry

kids in the laundry room

Although those three little kids in the picture have changed significantly since that was taken many years ago, one thing hasn’t changed – it can be expensive to do laundry.  In particular, if you have children at home, then laundry might be a daily happening in your home.  That cost can really add up! If […]

I Did a Scary Thing with My Breakfast Dishes

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This week, I did something that made me shiver as I anticipated the horror that would await me as a result of my actions.  I’m the kind of gal that completely rinses off all of my dishes before putting them into the dishwasher.  It was how I learned to use the dishwasher, and that’s just […]