Ridiculous Emails: Do Bloggers Really Buy This?

ridiculous emails bloggers receive

I received an email several months ago that left me just shaking my head.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  As a blogger, I get a lot of ridiculous emails from companies and individuals wanting me to promote their company for free or do an in depth review post about a sample size of peanuts or […]

Top Ten Tuesday is now List it Tuesday

List it Tuesday at Many Little Blessings and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Big, big changes today for Top Ten Tuesday!  But, I think (or hope, at least) that you’ll be as excited about the new changes as I am.  Really though, there are just two changes, it’s just that they’re both big. The first change is that your list post no longer needs to be a top […]

10 Excellent Blogs to Follow

10 Excellent Blogs to Follow

A lot of bloggers I know are embarrassed to admit it (at least when I’ve talked to them in person), but they may not still read other blogs.  Personally, while I may get behind in my reading, I can’t help but still enjoy reading blogs by other people. Of course, the problem is that I […]

Make Sure You Don't Miss Updates Once Google Reader Goes Away

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I think that I’ve been pretending that Google Reader wasn’t really going away as of July 1st.  I signed up for Feedly and Bloglovin’, but I was still surprised when the widget on my iGoogle page for Google Reader now came up with the message, “This gadget is no longer available.”  So, if you’re a […]