7 Quick Takes: The Snowpocalypse and Sketching Dinosaurs

Romans 5:8 Art Print

~ 1 ~ Like so many others, we experienced the Snowpocalypse and Polar Vortex of this past week. For the record, I like that when I wasn’t entirely sure how to spell Snowpocalypse, I put in my spelling (which was slightly wrong) into Google and it said, “Do you mean snowpocalypse?” ~ 2 ~ One […]

7 Quick Takes: October 5, 2013 (Vol. 157)

mustache cupcakes

~ 1 ~ This week marked one of only two birthdays in our house that happen outside of July. Nine years ago, I became a little less outnumbered in my house full of boys because of the birth of our only daughter.  Having a girl has definitely been different from having a boy, but so […]

7 Quick Takes: September 28, 2013 (Vol. 156)

robot family

~ 1 ~ Have I mentioned that I have a boyfriend now? Well, at least that’s the new joke around the house after Eric had a long weekend off work last weekend.  He decided to just not shave the whole time.  As you can imagine, he got rather scruffy.  When we were driving on one […]