Calendar Unit Study: National Awareness Days in March

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Calendar Unit Studies are a fun and easy way to utilize the unit study method without a big time commitment.   During the Month of March you can participate in mini studies based upon the National Awareness Days celebrated this month. From the silly to the serious, there is a lot to explore this month with your children.

March National Awareness Days

Celebrated the entire month of March

National Frozen Food Month

Read about How President Ronald Reagan first memorialized National Frozen Food Day

National Nutrition Month

Play the Blast off Game

Download Serving up my plate: A Yummy Curriculum

Women’s History Month

Read a biography about a famous woman in history

Play Flight to Freedom based on Lucy King, a fourteen year old slave in Kentucky

Learn about Georgia O’Keeffe


National Craft Month

Celebrate national Craft Month by trying out a new Craft Technique this month.  Always wanted to learn how to knit? Try it with your kids this month.

Explore the great craft ideas on Pinterest and make a Craft each day during the month of March

Make a Noodle Monster and celebrate National Craft Month along with National Noodle Month!

National Noodle Month

Choose a healthy noodle recipe to prepare together and you’ll be combining the celebration of National Noodle Month with National Nutrition Month (and practicing important life skills & using real world math).

National Umbrella Month

Read Umbrella by Taro Yashima
Read The Umbrella by Deiter Schubert

National Kite Month

Learn names for Kites around the world

Make a kite like Benjamin Franklin’s

Fly a kite

Learn about 5 people who flew kites and changed history

Read The Emperor and the Kite by Jane Yolen


National Days celebrated in March

March 1st: National Pig Day

Visit a pig farm

View a Piglet Web Cam from Manchester, England
Take a virtual tour of a pig farm

Learn the parts of a pig

View the Pork Cut Chart to learn about the various cuts of Pork

Discuss your favorite literary pig characters

March 2nd: Children’s Author & Illustrator Week

Children’s Author and Illustrator week was established as a day to honor those who author and illustrate books for children. This is the perfect time to learn more about the authors and illustrators of your children’s favorite picture books.

Scholastic Author & Illustrator Index

Watch video interviews with famous authors & illustrators

68 Spectacular Author & Illustrator Websites


March 3rd- National Anthem Day

Study the lyrics to the  Star Spangled Banner

Francis Scott Key Unit Study

March 4- Dentists Day

Dentist Preschool Unit for preschoolers

March 5- National Shoe Week

Measure rooms in your house using shoes (non-standard measurement)Donate your old shoes

March 6- Purim

Watch Princess of Persia- The Purim story

Read Esther 2:19-9:32

Visit a Kosher bakery and sample some traditional Purim food.

March 7- Art Week

Famous Artists lesson plan ideas

Make a Jackson Pollock painting online

March 11- National Paper Day

How to make paper

Learn about paper recycling

March 12- Plant a flower day

Visit a plant nursery and bring home a new plant for your garden
Study the parts of a flower by dissecting a flower

Learn how to make seed starter pots out of toilet paper tubes

March 14- National Potato Chip Day

Learn how potato chips are made (video)

Sample new flavors of potato chips

Learn how to make your own potato chips

March 15- Incredible Kid Day

Incredible kid Day is a National letter writing campaign designed to build self esteem in our youth. Participate by writing a letter to the incredible kid(s) in your life and let them read them on March 15th.

March 17- Saint Patrick’s Day

Read Saint Patrick’s Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting and complete the unit study

Learn about Saint Patrick’s Day on

Invite a leprechaun to your house for some shenanigans

Make a Shamrock craft

Make a Blarney Stone

Read Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola

Download St. Patrick’s Day Coloring pages for your preschooler

Have some Saint Patrick’s Day Fun with books, crafts, and activities

More ideas & activities are on the St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Board

March 18- National Rubber Band Day

Learn how Rubber bands are manufactured (video)

Make a Rubber Band Ball

March 19- National Bubble Week

Make your own bubble solution

Teach Geometry with bubbles

Learn how to blow the biggest bubbles

March 20- Earth Day

50 Earth Day Activities

March 21- World Poetry Day

Explore Acrostic Poems

Request a free National Poetry Month Poster

Explore Shel Silverstein poems,  lesson plans , activities, booklets and printables

Write and illustrate a poem

March 22- International Day of the Seal

Study the different type of seals

Visit an aquarium

Download Sea World’s Teacher’s Guide on Seals, Sea Lions & Walruses

March 25- Feast of the Annunciation

Read and discuss the Annunciation

More Feast of the Annunciation activities

March 28- No Homework Day

Since most homeschoolers don’t have homework, why not declare National No homework Day a day of no homeschool?

March 30- Doctors Day

Make a card for your child’s Pediatrician

Make a Doctor’s Bag (craft) and discuss the tools that Doctors use

March 31- Eiffel Tower Day

Learn about Gustave Eiffel, the man who built the Eiffel Tower

Take a virtual field trip with the Eiffel Tower Web Cam or Panoramic Eiffel Tower viewer

Visit the library and teach your children how to find books about the Eiffel Tower

Make an Eiffel Tower (craft).


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