Buy an eBook at 50% off and Help Noah Get a Bike

I have shared before that our oldest son (who just turned 11!) has Asperger’s Sydrome (a high functioning form of Autism).  This has meant that a lot of things in our lives haven’t been exactly how we thought they would be.  However, it has also meant that we have had a child who is this amazing kid that we couldn’t imagine life without.

Last year, Eric and I got the bikes we got in college back from his parents house and cleaned them up, after having purchased Molly her first bike for her birthday.  Then, Jack’s birthday rolled around, and we bought him his first bike too.  Yep – that’s right, he’s nine and it is his first bike.  (We even had to get training wheels for it, even though it is this super cool lime green BMX bike.)

It may sound funny that we waited until the kids were five and nine to get them their first bikes.  Mainly, it has been because of Noah.  He just can’t ride a bike (both from fear and ability), and I guess we never wanted to exclude him.  Still, now here we are, a family of five with four bikes and one eleven year old who says happily, “Oh – it’s okay.  I’ll just try to run with you guys.”

Today, I had an epiphany and found a super cool three wheeled bike (complete with flames on the side!) that actually made him say, “Wow!  I would ride that.”  The only thing that made me gulp?  The $300 price tag.  While I know this isn’t a lot for nicer bikes, it is just a little under what all of our bikes cost combined.

Then, I had another brainstorm.  Why not put my eBook, Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places, on sale for 50% off (that’s only $3.75) through the end of August (or when 100 have been sold, whichever comes first) in an effort to raise the money for Noah to have the kind of bike that has actually made him excited about having a bike of his own.  The coupon code for the fundraiser is bike.

Any way around it,  I know that we’ll find a way to buy it (or a similar bike) for him.  It may not always be through traditional methods, but we always try to find ways to give him as “normal” of a childhood as possible (whatever that might look like for even a neurotypical kid).  However, any money we can raise through eBook sales would be a blessing.

So, if you haven’t purchased my eBook yet and would want it for yourself (or for someone else), using the bike coupon code will save you 50% and I’ll know that you want to help us buy that bike for Noah.

Also, if you’re a blogger and want to share about it on your blog (the sale and the reason behind it), please do so! (You can even use my bike button I made.)

Thanks so much!


  1. says

    Hi sweet friend! Just posted about this on my blog and used your button. I hope you raise the money for Noah’s bike. It would be just awesome for him!

    • Angie says

      @Karen, Thanks so much, Karen! I really appreciate it!

      I have already decided that even if I don’t sell one eBook in this, I am truly blessed to have so many great online friends.

  2. says

    I just wanted to say that your son sounds so sweet, I wanted to cry when I read that he would just run along side you guys!
    I sincerely hope he gets his bike.

    • Angie says


      Thanks so much. He is such a sweet, sweet boy. Just so sincere and kind. He has really been a particularly bright spot in our lives.

  3. says

    I just bought your ebook for full price. I have a daughter with Asperger’s and just couldn’t take the discount. Put it all toward the bike. It’s not much, though. I wish I could give more. Aspie girls are different than Aspie boys and my girl is very adventurous, but it took her a LONG time to learn to ride a bike. There was a lot of apprehension and anxiety. One of her issues wasn’t balance, it was steering. Once she got the balance part (a whole summer) we took her to a park with a big field where she didn’t have to stay on he sidewalk. She could rise all through the field and not worry about steering. It was a great confidence builder and by the end of that next summer, she was riding on the sidewalk.

    It’s great that you want to buy him a bike that enables him to participate in family activities.

    • Angie says

      @Chick Hatchers,

      This was so sweet of you. This actually made me have to tell Noah about the fund raiser and then I had to tell him that you wouldn’t pay the sale price just to help more. He said, “Aww….that’s very kind.” I told him, “It’s because people care about you.” He threw his arms around me and said, “Oh thanks, Mom.” :)

  4. says

    Hello! I posted this on our San Antonio Homeschoolers Facebook and on my HS blog. (which sadly, I do not reach a big audience so I’m depending on the Facebook to help!) I will also be purchasing, as I need all the help I can get! Cheers & blessings!

    • Angie says


      Even if your reach is not as far as you would hope, I appreciate it all the same. I have been really touched by people who have passed along word about this. Thank you.

  5. says

    Shared this on my FB page and I will be back as soon as our finances improve a little bit, but I will be back before the deadline :) I hope Noah gets his bike!!!!

  6. Reesa says

    I love this:

    “Also, if you’re a blogger and want to share about it on your blog (the sale and the reason behind it), please do so! (You can even use my bike button I made.)”

    because I am in the process of writing a post and I already stole the button before I even finished reading your post! hahaha