Being Able to Fix Small Sewing Needs { Joie de Vivre no. 4 }

Being Able to Fix Small Sewing Needs

I am no seamstress.  Heck, I can barely do anything as far as sewing goes.  I do, however, thinks that it’s good to have at least a few skills in the sewing department, which is why it’s a whole section in my eBook Training Your Children in Home Economics.

So, why in the world would I count anything sewing related amongst my joys of living?

I was struck one night as I was using a basic blanket stitch on the seam of two of Eric’s sweaters that had both suddenly developed holes in the underarm area.  (That does not speak well of you, Gap sweaters.)  This was a joy in my life to quietly sit and mend things that needed to be mended.  I didn’t need to be a master seamstress.  I just needed a tiny bit of knowledge and some love.

You see, there would have been a day when I would have had two options when those holes showed up.  I could have gone to my Mom with the issue or I could have gotten rid of the sweaters.  I had no way to fix them myself.

Thankfully, my Mom taught me, once I was an adult, how to do a few simple stitches.  Just a few basic stitches have saved so many things around my house, as well as saved my pride from having to take these things to my Mom to fix.

After I fixed Eric’s sweaters, which have become a fixture of his this winter, I was able to move on to Molly’s doll stroller which had ripped so Molly had quietly left it in my craft room hoping I could fix it.  I fixed it and quietly put it in her room while she slept, knowing how pleased she would be.  (She had left it in my craft room a week or two before that, but I just hadn’t gotten to it.)

I’m happy to be able to include fixing simple sewing needs among my joys of living.  Thanks to my Mom for taking the time to teach me, even if it was some time in coming.  You’re tops on my list of my joys of life.


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    Blergh. Sewing and I don’t get along. As a matter of fact, my daughter has been begging me to fix her Pillow Pet (the unicorn’s tail fell off, plus there’s a tear on her neck) all week long – and I’ve been avoiding it. HOWEVER, my mom made sure I knew the basics, too. So when buttons fall off, I can sew them back on. And though it won’t look pretty, I’m going to fix up that Pillow Pet…soon…