5 More Ways to Include Faith in Family Time

Since sharing 5 Ways to Schedule Faith into the New School Year, I have been reflecting further upon how my family intentionally integrates faith practices into our daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms.  I thought I would share what works for us in the hopes that our family’s practices might inspire yours, and that, perhaps, you […]

5 Ways to Schedule Faith into the New School Year

The school year is already upon some of us, and, for others, it is coming up quickly.  So, scheduling, shopping, organizing supplies and checking off sundry to-do’s may be at forefront of your mind. If so, might I suggest that you pause a minute. Before you continue to be swept away in the back-to-school hullabaloo, […]

No Guilt Chocolate Pudding

February is Chocolate Lovers Month.  It is also time for celebrating St. Valentine’s feast day, which would seem ever so incomplete without chocolate, wouldn’t it? However, just because St. Valentine’s Day invites sweet indulgence does not mean that we have to abuse out bodies with unhealthy ingredients.  Really.  I am not kidding.  We can have […]

3 Ways to Help Your Child Avert Future Mid-Life Crisis

A forty-something year old dad pages through What Color is Your Parachute, fills out Myers Briggs quizzes online and tries to excavate his true self in order to align it to a future work life that feels more authentic than his current 9-5, plus commute, does. A multitasking mom tries to discern if her call to […]

Host a Pretzel Play Date: 10 Ideas for Speaking to Children’s Hearts During Lent

Pray.  Fast.  Give.  Party! This may not seem like the most conventional motto for making a meaningful Lenten journey, but it is a reality in our home.  For while I appreciate the more traditional, reflective and reverent aspects of the season, my children’s hearts respond best to joy and celebration.  Thus, I tend to punctuate […]

Praising God throughout November: A Cornucopia of Thanks

Most would agree that gratitude is vital habit of a happy, faith-filled home.   In our house, we certainly believe this is true. Thus began the first of our kitchen “bulletin boards” several Novembers ago. At the time, my oldest son had begun to show an increased interest in coloring everything in sight – including the kitchen walls. Instead of letting […]

10+ Ideas for Celebrating St. Francis of Assisi with Young Ones

October 4th is St. Francis of Assisi’s feast day.  Of course, this day provides inherent fun for children with the Blessing of the Animals (and stuffed animals!), which is done in some homes and at many churches.  Because traditions, legends and inspiration regarding St. Francis is so prolific, it is also a day that offers […]