Pirate Crafts and Books for Kids

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Argh, matey! Are you searching for some super fun pirate crafts to explore with your kids? Need some pirate books for read aloud time?

fun pirate books and crafts for kids

We’re sharing our very favorite pirate craft ideas, along with pirate themed books to enjoy together. File these away in your treasure chest today!

pirate number playNeed to work on math skills? Don’t miss this Pirate’s Gold Number Play activity.

DIYpiratecostumeUpcycle simple white T shirts to make perfect pirate costumes for the whole family.

pirate playdoughFine motor skill practice has never been more fun! I LOVE this idea for pirate’s treasure playdough. Gather up all the trinkets in your house and create tiny treasures.

pirate patch game
Flannel boards are a great way to expand upon story time with little ones. This pirate patch game is one of our favorites.

pirate hooksLet all the kids pretend play with this simple DIY pirate hook.

pirate sensory binIf you’re planning a pirate party or need a rainy day activity, add this treasure dig to your list.

ocean sensory playCreate some amazing ocean sensory play for your pirates with this ocean foam.

parrot craft
Every pirate needs a parrot — get out your feathers and use this template to create your own.

DIY Telescope
Keep your eyes on the horizon with this DIY spyglass.

gold pirate slime
No child will be able to resist this gold slime!

pirate books for kids

Pirate Books to Enjoy with Your Kids

Once you’re done creating with your children, grab a glass of water and settle in for some of these great reads!

Pirate’s Eye:
This story of a pirate who loses his glass eye just may bring you to tears.

Shiver Me Letters :
Work on letter recognition and have fun with your young sailors!

The Pirate Cookbook:
Want to get your kids in the kitchen? Don’t miss these ideas for kid chefs — all the recipes are ocean related!

Pirate Boy:
Moms will find their little pirate boys, no matter if they have to fight sea creatures to succeed!

I Love my Pirate Papa:
This one is perfect for dads to read aloud at bedtime.

Pirates Don’t Change Diapers:
There’s only one thing that terrify pirates: BABIES!

How I Became a Pirate:
Young Jeremy finds that there are things that he misses dearly when he joins Captain Beard. Another beauty illustrated by David Shannon.

Grandma and the Pirates:
What happens when pirates snatch Grandma and her noodle pudding? Don’t miss the story!

Treasure Island:
If you’re weary of making your own pirate voices, put this classic from Robert Louis Stevenson on to play while the kids are eating lunch.

Pirates Guide to 1st Grade:
What sort of adventures can a young pirate and his crew discover at school?

What’s your very favorite pirate craft? Did I miss a pirate book that your family loves? Leave your best ideas in the comments!

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DiannaDianna Kennedy is the mother of six, writing at The Kennedy Adventures. She shares resources for Catholic homeschooling, including the list of Catholic saints her children will study this year. You’ll find advice for managing a large family, like tips for managing smoother mornings with your kids. Connect with her on G+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Garden Books and Activities for Preschoolers

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It’s not quite time to start gardening yet around here, but I’ve starting collecting ideas for garden books and activities to explore as soon as the weather breaks. These ideas are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids.

Garden books and activities for preschool


Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!

This sweet book has been a treasured favorite in our house for years.  You can easily re-create Buddy Bear’s journey with his seed package from Grandpa at home with your own seed growing activity.


children's activities gardening
Zinnia’s Flower Garden

The beautiful art in this book may inspire your children to create a beautiful garden of their very own. It’s a great lesson for children about being patient while plants grow!

Get out your paints and smocks and let your children paint with flowers!


composting activities for kids
The Little Composter

The Teeny Greenies series are some of my toddler’s very favorites! In The Little Composter, children learn about creating a compost bin. (something my twin boys find completely fascinating.)

Looking for a spring project? Take a look at this DIY compost bin you can make with your kids.

gardening books for kids growing beans
One Bean

Planning an experiment to study the life cycle of a seed? This book will walk you through step by step.

When you’re finished, grab your supplies and grow your own bean.


garden books for kids rainbow
Planting a Rainbow

The classic Lois Ehret book should be a part of any garden themed unit study. The artwork is amazing, and your children will learn all about the beautiful variety of plants available to make a garden stunning.

This rainbow sensory bin is perfect for playing after storytime.

worm book activities for kids
Yucky Worms

What would a garden be without worms? Show your children the importance of these underground creatures with this story.

After you’re finished, check this out – you can create your very own worm farm to observe their activity.

If real worms gross you out, try this fun science activity on for size.
great garden activities for preschool
This is the Sunflower

Written in the tone of The House that Jack Built, this book covers the life cycle of sunflowers with bold, beautiful illustrations and repetitive text to hold the attention span of little ones.

This sunflower handprint art is painted on paper, but you could easily switch off to a canvas for a sweet Mother’s Day gift.
great garden books for preschoolers
The Carrot Seed

Written in the 1940s, this classic book has never been out of print! My children enjoy watching and waiting with the little boy in the story.

Practice math, sorting, and fine motor skills with this fun activity using Reese’s Pieces! YUM!
garden activities for preschoolers
Tiny Seed

Love Eric Carle books? Add this one to your collection to learn about the life cycle of a flower.

When you’re finished, don’t miss this flower art activity using painted tissue paper, just like Eric Carle!
Garden books for preschoolers 1
Oh Say Can You Seed?

I love The Cat in the Hat Learning Library’s science series!  This book walks us through learning about flowering plants, in the familiar Dr Seuss rhyming style.

Young children can create their own seed book with this easy tutorial

When you’re all done with storytime, pull out these great garden themed toys and tools for kids to enjoy in the backyard.

garden toys for kids

If you need even more resources, head over to Pinterest – this garden and spring board has over 100 ideas!

Did I overlook one of your favorite garden books or great garden craft for kids?

Be sure and leave a comment to share your ideas!

DiannaDianna Kennedy is the mother of six, writing at The Kennedy Adventures. She shares resources for Catholic homeschooling, including the list of Catholic saints her children will study this year. You’ll find advice for managing a large family, like tips for managing smoother mornings with your kids. Connect with her on G+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Preschool Learning Games

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Want to keep your preschoolers occupied while you work on school with their older siblings? Need to reinforce math or literacy skills? Aiming to score cool mom points and connect with your kids? Don’t overlook the importance of preschool learning games – check out this list of our very favorites.

Favorite Preschool Learning Games


Preschool Learning Games



One of my friends gifted us with this fun preschool learning game years ago. You can work on literacy skills and matching in this fast paced bingo style game. It has two levels and can accommodate up to 8 players.

There’s also a Zingo 1-2-3 and What’s Gnu for your older preschooler moving into kindergarten.

Spot It Jr

Want to work on your preschooler’s attention to detail while having fun? We love this Spot it Jr game.
Each round card has 6 animals in different sizes – there’s always one match between every card. My boys love playing the ‘speed round’ version, where they race to spot the match first, while my toddler likes to point out the animals that she knows. You can play different variations of the game, with up to 6 players.

There’s also Spot It Alphabet and Spot It Numbers and Shapes


Rory’s Story Cubes

Encouraging your child’s creativity and storytelling abilities is easy with Story Cubes. It’s not listed as a preschool learning game, but we’ve utilized it in our house to help spark our twins boys’ imagination. (it doesn’t take much!)

Each cube has a picture -roll them individually or in a group and let your child’s imagination take flight! We like to video our boys’ stories, or write them down to read back to them later.

Other versions include Voyages and Actions.

Recommended for ages 8 and up but we’ve used them with our older preschoolers and kindergarteners. (ages 5)


With our homeschool curriculum, our daughter is reading Mr. Poppers Penguins and working through the study guide. To keep my twin preschool/kindergarten boys involved, we picked up this penguin matching game.

Roll the colored dice and lift the penguins to try and find a egg to match. This helps with color recognition, memory skills, visualization, and taking turns. Ages 4 and up, for up to 4 players.

preschool learning games
Keekee the Rocking Monkey

This fall, we’ll be working on Caps for Sale as part of our Before Five in a Row exploration. This balancing monkey game would be perfect to go along with rowing the book, while working on strategy and taking turns.



Hello Sunshine

I have this adorable game on my toddler’s wish list for her birthday gift. You can get involved in the play, teaching your child positional words and following directions. Ages 18 months and up.


Laundry Jumble

Have a tactile learner in your house? Don’t miss this game from Educational Insights.

Kids reach in and identify the laundry pieces by touch, trying to avoid the Skunk’s Undies! I know my children will love this one!

Where is Howie’s Owie?

Calling all future doctors! This preschool learning game reviews parts of the body, helping children to learn body parts and vocabulary. Ages three and up.

learning game for preschool

Camelot Jr

Strategy learning games are a favorite around here and can start in the early preschool years. In this game of castle logic, children have to solve the castle challenges to bring the prince and princess together. Ages 4 and up.

Other versions of preschool and early elementary strategy games:
Day and Night
Trucky 3
Hide and Seek Pirates


Haba First Orchard

Get your tiniest preschoolers involved in preschool learning games with Haba’s My Very First Orchard Game. The pieces are large, designed for little hands to learn and explore. Ages 2 and up.

preschool learning games go fish
Eebo Go Fish

We recently discovered card games as a huge source of fun and learning for my preschoolers. These Go Fish cards from Eebo are even shaped like a fish! My kids still have trouble not showing their cards to each other, so we use this card holder.

Other card game favorites
Old Maid
Crazy Eights

preschool learning game hisss


Clear some space on the floor – this game takes up some room! Encourage your children’s creativity while working on matching, strategy and gross motor skills in this preschool learning game. Ages 4 and up, for as many as 5 players.

preschool games
Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Part of the problem in my home with preschool learning games is the disappointment when one of my super competitive children lose.


In Snug as a Bug in a Rug, players work together in teams to hide the colorful bugs under the rug before the stink bugs invade! The cooperative game environment is less stressful for kids and moms!

Magnetibook Crazy Face

Need a quieter approach to games for your preschooler? I found this magnetic game, perfect for keeping your preschooler engaged and working on fine motor skills while you’re cooking dinner or even traveling with the family.
Geared for ages 3 and up, your child can match the cards provided or use the props for free play.

It’s also available in different versions: Vehicles, Girl’s Outfits and more!
preschool learning games
Bunny Peek a Boo

Start your little learners off right with this 3D logic game designed for players as young as two. Younger children can explore concepts like above and below, while older preschoolers can work on solving the 60 challenges included.

Have I left out any of your favorite preschool learning games?

DiannaDianna Kennedy is the mother of six, writing at The Kennedy Adventures. She shares resources for Catholic homeschooling, including the list of Catholic saints her children will study this year. You’ll find advice for managing a large family, like tips for managing smoother mornings with your kids. Connect with her on G+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Summer Crafts for Preschoolers

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Whether you’re taking a break from your homeschool for the summer, or working on a year round approach, these longer days are perfect for summer crafts for preschoolers.

summer crafts for preschoolers


Let’s take a look at some of the fun activities you can try to keep your preschoolers engaged this summer.
water play for preschool boys

Water Balloon Pinatas

Keep cool this summer with these water balloon pinatas. These would be great for summer birthday party games!

Looking for more ideas for water play for preschoolers?
sponge bomb fun

DIY Sponge Bombs

Grab your sponges and fishing line and make your own sponge bombs to take to the pool or use in your back yard.

Firecracker Cookies

While you’re reading 4th of July books this summer, save some time to make some Firecracker Cookies with your children.


summer crafts for preschoolers

Ice Cream in a Bag

Want to enjoy some ice cream with those cookies? You can make it yourself and even teach your kids some science along the way with this Ice Cream in a Bag activity.
jellyfish crafts for kids

Jellyfish and Octopus Craft

If you’re reading beach and ocean books this summer, you’ll need some hands on activities.

fun octopus crafts for kidsOur kids had fun making octopus and jellyfish crafts.


Going on a beach vacation this year?


Seashell Mirror

Don’t forget to collect shells to create this adorable seashell mirror as a memento of your trip.
summer crafts for preschoolers

Sun Prints

Take advantage of the sunshine to work on teaching your preschoolers some science with these fun sun prints


Summer activities don’t have to break the bank, either. Take a peep at these frugal ideas for summer fun.

Flip flops are a staple in my kids’ summertime wardrobe. I found a few ideas to make them even more fun!

preschool summer crafts

Embellished Flip Flops

Have girls at home? Grab some jewels and jazz up their flip flops. You could even make matching pairs.

summer craft for preschoolers

Dinosaur Flip Flops

I’m adding this to my list of dinosaur crafts and activities. After we read some of the boys’ favorite dinosaur books, I’ll bet we can create some fun dinosaur flip flops.


Googly Eye Flip Flops

If we’re in the mood for monster crafts instead, I think these Googly Eye Flip Flops will be a hit.


preschool summer craft mermaid

Handprint Mermaid

I love handprint art! This handprint mermaid is adorable and would look beautiful on my daughter’s wall! Just grab some paint and canvas, then you’re ready to begin!

Sunflower Art  

If mermaids aren’t your style, check out this Sunflower Art instead.


summer crafts for preschool

Sun Mobile 

Want some more cheery decor? This bright Sun Mobile would be perfect to hang up at home.
When the sun sets, it’s time to hunt for lightening bugs!


Lightening Bugs

I found two version of this summer craft for preschoolers.

Bandage Lightening Bugs

You’ll need to be on the lookout for some neon bandages to put together these lightening bugs.


Plastic Egg Lightening Bug

Do you have plastic Easter eggs lying around? Grab some tea lights and create these fun bugs with your children.
craft for preschool - summer

Watermelon Fan

Before you set off for summer picnics with the kids, set aside craft supplies like paper plates and craft sticks to put together this watermelon fan.

Do you have more great ideas for summer crafts for preschoolers?

DiannaDianna Kennedy is the mother of six, writing at The Kennedy Adventures. She shares resources for Catholic homeschooling, including the list of Catholic saints her children will study this year. You’ll find advice for managing a large family, like tips for managing smoother mornings with your kids. Connect with her on G+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.