Hands-On Parenting

I have no memories of my mother playing with me as a child.  She read to me a lot, we went on outings together, and we cooked together on occasion.  But I can't remember actually playing together, and I think most of my friends would say the same things about their mothers.  … [Read more...]

Indoor Play Ideas to Combat Cabin Fever

Winter can be a really tough season for moms of young kids.   I myself spend most of the winter indoors, because I have a very narrow (i.e. wimpy) temperature range that I can tolerate for any length of time.While I miss the outdoors and the warmer weather (warm weather, not … [Read more...]

Blue: My Favorite Color

For almost 18 years of my life, my biggest dream was to have a daughter. I got married almost 14 years after this dream first surfaced, and went to work right away to make it a reality. It took several more years to discover--and admit to myself--that marriage was not an … [Read more...]

Summer Camp for Preschoolers?

When my son was 18 months old and I quit my full time job, I wasted no time jumping right into the current trend of structured activities and mommy-and-me classes for toddlers. I eagerly took advantage of the library summer programs, and by fall we were actively involved in two … [Read more...]

Planning Vs. Spontaneity

I am a planner. For me, it's a control issue. I feel more secure when I know what's going to happen. When I don't know what's going to happen, or when plans change, I have to guard myself against getting bent out of shape (flexibility does not come naturally to me). This aspect … [Read more...]