011: How to Set Up a Kid Swap Social Group with Other Homeschoolers {Podcast}

How to Set Up a Kid Swap Social Group with Other Homeschooling Families (Podcast)

As a homeschooling parent, it can be difficult to find a little bit of alone time to catch up on tasks or just take a breather.  In this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m sharing the steps and guidelines we set up with another homeschooling family to have a kid swap twice a month that allowed […]

Weekend Reading

weekend reading

I don’t know how it’s possible, but we’re gearing up for that once little girl to turn 10 years old.  I can’t believe that I won’t have any kids who have ages in the single digits anymore.  Crazy times. Here are some great links to check out this weekend: Free Fall Art Lessons for All […]

010: How to Fake Your Way to Appearing to be a Better Cook {Podcast}

Fake Your Way to Being a Better Cook

Are you kitchen hopeless? Don’t worry – there really is hope! In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll be talking about some ideas and hacks you can do so that you can at least appear to be a better cook while you work toward honing your skills.  It’s not about being untruthful.  It’s just about how to […]

Weekend Reading

10 tips for preparing for cabin camping

Here are some great links to check out this weekend: Window to the World: DIY Map Project – Robb Restyle Apple Printables for Kindergarten to First Grade – Mama’s Learning Corner Four Truths about Homeschooling – Simple Homeschool What’s a Gap Year and How Do I Plan One? – Homeschooling IRL 20 Fabulous Command Centers to […]

Orange Sugar ‘n Spice Cookie Recipe

Orange Sugar n Spice Cookie Recipe

When we were working on cookies for Molly’s 4-H Foods project this summer, we made several different batches of cookies and then had family, friends, and neighbors test out all of the types to help decide which one Molly would make for the fair.  These Orange Sugar ‘n Spice Cookies were the winners.  They were based […]

009: How to Begin Homeschooling After Public or Private School {Podcast}

Homeschooling After Public School

Beginning a homeschooling journey can be a lot of work. Even if you’re really well prepared, it takes a lot of time and dedication.  It’s a whole lifestyle, not just a way of doing school. One thing that can complicate beginning this journey even further is when you are starting to homeschool when your children have been in […]